March 24, 2010

Analysis of Colleges.....How to Select the Best Option???

Every year a lot of students appear in MBA entrance tests like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP etc. Some get a very good percentile, some average and some below average. Those who have scored very well get a call from their respective colleges and by their efforts they convert it too and get admission.
The problem arises for those who did not score well. Those students, who didn’t get admission in top 20-25 colleges.
What should they do?
Where should they get admission?
Should they get admission or wait for next chance?
If they wait, will they be able to convert the next chance into success?
And so many questions like that.

The analysis clearly says that the best option is MBA/PGDM from top-20 B-Schools.
But leave it, as our score is not good. So, what next??
One should get admission in any so called good college or wait for next attempt??

If you have not scored well then please answer this question:-
Did you give your 100% efforts and concentration to CAT/SNAP/MAT etc?
Please be honest to yourself, no one is watching you except you.
If your answer is no, then one more question:-
If with an average effort you are scoring 60%ile or something around it, then by your 100% efforts cannot you score well?
You can, but the question is, are you ready for it?
Let’s be very clear if you want to wait for next CAT then you need to work on your basics, because that is your weakness. Neither you nor your coaching institute made your basic concepts clear during your coaching classes. You need to work hard to cover that pat of studies which you ignored in previous 5-6 years. So are you ready for it???
This decision totally depends on you.

In next blog we will discuss in detail that one should wait for next attempt or not?
Let’s move ahead with the following situation:-
Many students say that we have no time; we cannot wait for next year. There complain is that everyone talks about high scorers but no one talks about those students who did not score well.
No friends,
We have a way for you because you are the one who is used by coaching institutes. We are focused primarily on those students who have not scored well. Because those who have scored well have those options where there coaching institute cannot sell them. Those students have power of choice, but what about those who don't have choice? Who cannot wait for next chance too.

There are a lot of colleges which are providing MBA/PGDM degree and are charging a huge sum of money too. The question is that where to take admission, because every college says that we are the best than rest in the market.

What you all need to understand that all the colleges are providing the same degree and diploma as they say. But there is a hidden truth that there are a lot of colleges which are providing autonomous diploma and distance learning and say that they are providing regular degree and diploma. The students never come to know that he is paying a huge amount and his precious time for something which he had never wished for. The students know this fact when they complete their course there, but it’s too late. So, please be careful about it.
One more question which is asked by all the students is - placement of college.
Please be very clear that if some college is saying that its highest placement salary package is Rs.700000 and average is Rs.300000. In this case always go with average placement salary package. The real truth is that average actual placement salary is Rs.2.5 lac.
You can analyze yourself by comparing the data received from various colleges that average salary of all the colleges is almost equal.

But the truth about placements varies from college to students.
In the words of some students of some well known colleges, "If you think that placement will be provided by college then you are wrong. If you think that college has told you that you will be getting Rs.35,000 per month, forget it. If you get Rs.20000 even it is more. Maximum students get placed at their own and the college boasts 100%placement. You need to take placement at your own, if you are coming here."
Some students said clearly that please don't come here. You will waste your money.

So, the best way to know about a college is meeting students who are studying there. Initially they will say that there college is good, please join here but if you ask deeply the truth will be out.

One more thing, please never believe 100% on what college is saying. They are speaking the mixed truth which becomes dangerous than 100% lie.

So we can say that all are selling degrees and diplomas but the problem is that how to get the right college or we can shop for purchasing degree.

My friends you need to work on it.
If you have to purchase anything and all the shops are providing the same with different prices then why not from the place you need to pay the least amount.
Always check the college by visiting yourself.
Always meet students over there.
Always share your experience with your friends and ask for suggestion.
Always verify the information you received from the reliable sources and those of your friends who have visited that college already.
Please be sure that you are going to get admission for regular program, not for distance learning.

There is a lot to discuss about it. We will meet you with some more information and suggestions in next blog. You can ask your questions here by writing comments to us. MBA Informer team will try its best to help you.



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  1. Nice Work !
    Keep writing Sir.
    Are you an insider from the coaching industry ?
    The articles are intrestng.
    Swati Saxena


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