March 23, 2010

How and From Where to Get Unbaised Information....Free of Cost ???

Dear friends,
Thank you for your response and comments. We came to know that most of students don't know which college is good, where they should go and from where to get the information?
Most of the students have only one solution – coaching institutes.
Please answer this question -
Is it worthy to pay Rs.50,000 for a biased information about any college?
If no, then why we go to the institutes for getting a biased information?

Your question may be; then who will tell that which college is better?
Friends, there are a lot of ways to know that which college is the best. You will come to know about the ways here.
The best possible way is internet. Almost all of us have internet connectivity but instead of using it we misuse it. We have noticed that most of us spent almost 4-5 hours per day for surfing, downloading and chatting.
Please ask yourself; have you ever spent half an hour searching for any material related to your career?
Many of us will say NO, if answered honestly.
There are a lot of websites which are working for students and are providing unbiased information.
You all know about ''
This website provides the ranking of colleges in various categories.
For example - overall ranking, regional ranking etc.
The information provided here is free of cost and unbiased unlike the coaching institutes.

The URL link of for overall national ranking of B-schools is:-

You can also visit

There are some other websites too. The URL links are:-

You can make Google search too. The other ways to select the colleges is to read magazines like – Outlook, Competition Success etc. These magazines keep on publishing the lists of colleges as per their overall ranking. Please be sure that you are not reading the advertisements of colleges published in the magazines.
The list provided at various websites and magazines helps you in selecting the colleges for you but the process doesn't ends here.
After selecting the colleges you must visit the college yourself. Again, if will depend on your coaching institute then all your efforts will be worthless. Please be clear with this fact that for making your own career you need to put efforts at your own. There is no shortcut and no consultancy or counsellor at any coaching institute is going to provide you unbiased information.
Yes, your friends can help you a lot. You need to be in contact with them. Ask for suggestions, discusses it with them. They will definitely help you and provide more information to you.
Please keep on visiting to know other ways to select the best college for you.
Thank you.


1 comment:

  1. Dear mbainformar,
    thanxs 4 such detaile info. I wish we knew all this in advance. I oftan feel cheated by Career luancher. they promised so many things and did nothing. My english teacher is a dalaal. She tries to convince me to become a counseelor at the center. I feel bad as i used to respect her a lot.
    Swati Soni
    career launcher, kanpur
    cat 2009 batch


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