March 20, 2010

MBA Informer...Its Purpose.......

Dear friends,
MBA Informer, as the name explains, the purpose of MBA Informer is to provide all the information to the students which they should know before starting there journey on ROAD TO MBA.
The purpose of MBA informer is to make you aware of all the hidden facts of the system, which occurs at coaching institutes .
Its not about any particular institute. Its about whole system which is using the innocent students by making them fool very easily. We are trying to make you aware of the truth only.
If your coaching institute is doing all these things then you should know the real truth, not what they tell you. It doesn't matter with the name. If these activities are going on there then your institute is a part of this corrupt, money making system.
Its not only about money which these institutes take from the students. Its about the trust. The students trust them and they exploit the students.
Here at MBA Informer you will get the answer of all your MBA related questions.
You just need to write your questions here in the comment section with your feed back.
All your questions will be answered on the next day.
You will get unbiased answers here, because it’s a community with a purpose to save you from being used by this system.
The MBA informer community request the readers to promote MBA Informer among your friends. It’s a public service organization, only for the help of students. It’s an effort to change the system and believe us, we all can do it. We just need to be united. Please join us and support us.

We hope, you will support us.
Thank You


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