March 27, 2010


QUESTION -  I am student 4m Ghaziabad and here my teacher of quant says he is from IIT background. How do I check if he is right or wrong. He teaches quant.
                                                                                                   -- Ashutosh Singh

ANSWER - Dear Ashutosh, in order to check that your quant faculty is speaking the truth or not, just ask for IIT batch and Certificate and other documents. If he has got it then its OK. In case if you have doubt that the documents and IIT batch no. is fake then you can check it from IIT website.
If you are thinking that he is having ample knowledge of quant then we would like to tell you that after teaching quant for 1 year or 2 years any one can be efficient enough as he is. This is because teaching same thing again and again daily makes  a system in our brain. After that it becomes same like playing data disk or you can say casset.
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  1. Dear MBAinformer,
    Thanks for your advice.
    Some even say he was a Intelligence Agency agent(RAW or CBI or some say CRPF )and knows big leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Menka Gandhi.
    Even he keeps on saying this.
    We are afraid, in case we have some trouble
    we fear protesting.
    What to do...?

  2. I also came to the website after being told abt it by a frnd.
    It is true .
    Are you at Ghaziabad.
    maths sir is a ex-raw agent and he is from IIT.
    is is wrong ?
    pallavi shukla


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