April 26, 2010

AICTE - Ready to Stop Fraud Rampant In B-Schools

Dear friends,
Yesterday we had discussed about all the malpractices which occurs at colleges at the time of admission in order to get more and more students. We had also told you that AICTE has planned to take some serious steps to stop all these things, to save students. But it becomes our responsibility to be careful and save our self.
Colleges are cheating students by making them confused by using a web of words, but it is not like that AICTE is not going to do anything. As AICTE is the governing body, it has made some tools to save students.
Let’s see, what AICTE is going to do:-

AICTE has planned to allot a unique Enrollment numbers to each and every Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM/PGPM/PGDBM, etc) student in every approved Indian B- school and put them on its website in a bid to streamline MBA admissions.
Think of it as a Unique Identification Number project for all MBA students in AICTE-approved B-schools of India. The move would end up curtailing a common type of admissions-related fraud rampant in Indian b-schools, until of course, new loopholes are uncovered.

Now your question may be, “How would AICTE’s enrollment numbers help?”
Dear friends, all you need to do is to check your name and UNIQUE ENROLMENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER at the website of AICTE under the name of your B-School. If you are a PGDM student and your name does not feature on the AICTE website under your b-school’s enrollment numbers, then you have clearly been fooled by your B-school.
AICTE on its part will smell a rat whenever a B-school submits a list of students more than its approved limit. No b-school will of course, send such a list. But this move will put pressure on private b-schools to get their act together.
Please go through the AICTE notification below, especially the grey box at the bottom. While the idea is a smart one, it relies completely on the student’s initiative to verify the existence of his enrollment number in order to be an effective system. So if enough PGDM students across the thousands of AICTE approved B-schools in small towns and cities do not know about this initiative, they will never check for their name on the AICTE website and that will allow B-schools to continue their racket scot-free.
That’s why we request you to help others, spreed all the information you get here.
Join us in the campaign to make education corruption free.
You can send your suggestions as your suggestions are valuable to us.
If you want to say something please leave us a comment. You are free to send us scraps at Orkut, we are at Twitter and IBIBO too.

It is not that AICTE has not taken this step earlier. According to the Director of a Pvt. B-School running in Banglore, who doesn't want to be named here, " This initiative was taken by AICTE last year too; however, in practice very few institutes sent the names of the students of their PGDM program to AICTE."
After July’s cleanup of the corrupt AICTE top-brass and a more promising Human Resource Development Minister (Kapil Sibal) at the helm, we expect better results.
 We are hoping that very soon, AICTE will run large eye-catching advertisements in newspapers and will use other tools also to inform PGDM students of their role in this initiative.

Thank you


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