April 24, 2010

It's The Right Time For MBA ....

Dear friends,

During our research, we met some students who had a question, a question which had made them confused about their career. There question was-“is it right time to do MBA? As due to economic slowdown, there are fewer jobs in the market. What is the guarantee that after MBA we will be able to get jobs?”
They had a right question. They asked for suggestion. They asked for an appropriate answer for their question. MBA informer team tried to satisfy them with the best of its ability.
Now your question may be, “what is the answer?”
So, the answer is here:-
Dear friends, its not only your question. There a a lot of other MBA-aspirant who have the same question. Even for professionals looking to pursue an MBA, the big question is: “Should I or shouldn’t I?”

Dear friends, investing time and money in an MBA program in downturn can be tricky. The general feeling is that it might turn out to be a waste of both if the job market doesn’t improve. However, just the contrary may be true.

Dear friends, this period is the best time to hone your skills. Upgrade your skill sets and make yourself more relevant to the job market. As you are going through this phase, so you know what the job market wants. While looking to do an MBA, the intention of the aspirant should mainly be to add to his skills and to get ready to explore other career options.

Adding supplementary skills will facilitate his/her return to a better salary and job-designation level that he was at before the slump. Remember that the rough times are not permanent and whenever the tide improves, your newly acquired skills will become a trump card for you in the job market.
For example, those who are in sales could pursue an MBA in finance and strategy and thus become employable for bigger roles.
Sorry to say, if you are a student who got his offer letter recalled due to the slump, you could still go for an MBA. Since it will be difficult to get job-experience before the MBA, one could look at pursuing a part-time job in an industry of choice while pursuing a part-time MBA. There are many good B-schools that offer part-time executive courses and other MBA courses. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

If you are already employed, it may be a good idea to try and convince the employer to sponsor you for executive MBA.  If you are a valuable resource and they want to retain you, they will definitely help you develop yourself. This way, you would not have to burn a hole in your pocket to go for that MBA. If not, you can always avail education loans that are readily available and would need to be re-paid only after you have got a job.

While applying for an MBA, widen your selection of schools to include a couple more. Research about the curriculum thoroughly and then make your choice. Also, get to network with the alumni of B-schools, good internet sites from where you could get unbiased information, where you could ask your questions to an expert rather than a marketing executive of any college.
Try to find out about the placements of those B-schools. To know more about B-Schools visit:

 Get information on how many companies visit the B-school during the placement season. Remember the cost of sitting idle is more than the cost of going to an MBA school during a recession.
So, an MBA during the slowdown would help you be prepared when the market is up, when the hiring is on in full swing. That time, you would be ready better than your peers as you will be having much heavier resume, with more skills and qualification.

But it doesn’t mean that you go to any ABC MGMT. INSTITUTE for your MBA. Please look for one of the best colleges.
The list of some good MBA colleges is here:-


Thank you, for all your comments.

Wish you good luck. Please pass this information to other students too. It will help them.

Thank you


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