April 21, 2010

Tips for Performing Well During GD...

Dear friends, we have discussed about how to get prepared for GD already. We hope that it was helpful to you. But only getting well read doesn't make you competent enough for GD. Group Discussion round is all about checking your way of presenting yourself and your way of thinking. If you are planning to go to a B-school, then please get into the habit of looking at any topic from the business perspective. For this you need to soak up business news and join online groups of people preparing for group discussions and personal interviews regularly.
Now the question arises that how to get through GD round??
How to look at any topic with business perspective??
The students with commerce background get benefit here but the problem arises with those students who are without commerce background. But don't worry, here is a solution for them. Those without a commerce or economics background can learn their basics from sites such as

Now we will discuss about what should you do and don't do during GD.
There has always been a controversy on the point of start up. Is there any bonus point for the beginner. A majority of experts say that, for a candidate being a beginner may be boon as well as curse. It all depends on how you begin. If you start well and with a strong introductory point, you will get benefit of it. But if your point is inappropriate then you will be making negative impression. Also, if you take a stand, stick to it, or don’t take a stand at all. You may contradict others in the group but be polite. Say, ‘I have an alternate point’, instead of saying, ‘I disagree’.
There are four key ingredients of a group discussion, that are:- content, group dynamism, body language and communication. Be very clear about why you are there in the GD, and why you are seeking an MBA. Selectors evaluate your attitude. Be prepared for; what you are good at and what are your weaknesses.
Always write down your points. Interject and then withdraw.

As a GD participants you must avoid using words and phrases like ‘according to me’, ‘you know’, ‘I think’, ‘basically’, ‘frankly’ and ‘actually’ and slang such as ‘gonna’. During GD you should look at the members of the group, but not at the moderator. It will put negative impact. In the GD, you must quote the source of the statistics.
Always try to go with PREP approach for content.
P - Point
R - Reasoning
E - Example
P – Point{Repeat your point}
Make your ‘Point’, give the ‘Reasoning’ behind it, give an ‘Example’ and repeat your ‘Point’ in different words. Students could also use the keyword approach wherein you divide a point into keywords.

Besides this, keep ample knowledge of major business-related developments, especially from the past one year. For example, be aware of all the which mergers and acquisitions that took place in the last three months, or year. For this, it is important to read newspapers. Links for some good newspapers had been provided in previous blog.
Don’t try to impress. Acknowledge good points made by others, he added.
A group discussion is an attempt to understand who you are. Do you have it in you to do things better? We would suggest that you should not try to portray a false picture of yourself. During GD the evaluators look for honesty, sincerity, willingness to learn, learning skills and for detail.
You need to have a good command over spoken English as well you should take care of clarity and effectiveness of your point.
Dear friends, we have tried to help you in order to get prepared for GD. If you have any question related to your journey to MBA. You are welcome

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