April 10, 2010

The Way, that can save us......

Dear friends, we have told you that how the coaching institutes use the student.
Friends, MBA Informer community is not against any coaching institute or MBA/PGDM college. We are against the malpractices which are being used by them. It’s an effort to change the system. You might know that, in Bihar a new law has been enforced to keep control over the coaching institute. Our team studied the scenario, the problem and the efforts made by the students to overcome it. We will discuss it later.
During our survey, MBA Informer team came to know about the views of students too.
You might be saying, everyone speaks about the problem but no one is ready to offer a solution, no one but we are here to offer solutions for this problem.

First of all, we expect that you are an aware student and you are ready to help us.
My friends, you pay a huge sum of money to these coaching institutes for helping you. You trust them. They motivate you and you take admission in any college offered by them. You pay a large amount there too and a huge part of it is paid to these institutes. My friends, its your money. Its the money earned by your parents or you have borrowed from banks.

Please think in this way:-
An average MBA/PGDM college charges Rs.700000 as fee. A part of it, about Rs.50,000 - Rs.75,000, is paid to your coaching institute.
So, the amount received by college is Rs.6,50,000 or Rs.6,25,000.
Doesn't it prove that the commission paid to the coaching institute is a reason of increasing fee at these colleges, because the college will not pay this commission at its own. It will charge it from you. So, it’s your money, you need to demand for.

You might be saying, "It’s easy to say, but how?"
We have only one best possible answer - awareness and unity.
 Many of us think that - "whatever is happening, let it happen. Why should we care?"
No, you need to care, because due to this these institutes are ruling over us. It’s same like - "DIVIDE AND RULE"
But in this case, they need to rule only because we all are divided already.

The way which can save us is very simple:-
The institutes get huge commission because they send a large number of students for admission at a particular college. You need to do the same. Go there in groups. Because in both cases the fact is that you are ready to get admission in that college. The benefit of going there in groups will attract the college toward your group. You should know that in this field they need us in the same manner as we want admission. Colleges are there because we are here. If we will reject them, then there will be no colleges.
Lets consider an easy example - Whenever you go to buy something we bargain for discount on bulk purchase and if the seller denies, you reject the shop and start moving to the next shop. Now, first of all the 1st seller will put negative impression of the other competing seller. But, you know that both are selling the same thing, you stay on your decision, "offer discount or I will move to next shop."
Now when the seller feels that if the discount will not be offered then he will lose a huge benefit on bulk sale; he gets ready at the price offered by you.

The same scenario is here, the colleges are selling the degrees. Some are selling autonomous and some are selling approved degrees. Even in more than 85% cases, colleges are selling DISTANCE LEARNING degrees at the name of regular degree, at same fee. The worst part is that the students are never told that they are getting admission or studying for DISTANCE LEARNING DEGREE. How the colleges make the students fool, we will tell you in next blog.
Here we are talking about saving our money; which is all yours. So, if you visit these colleges in groups, talks to the management, tell them that you know that they are paying to the institutes, so pay this money to you as discount as you all will take admission together {Do, you remember the case of group discount at your coaching institute, at the time of admission?}, they will be ready, because either they pay it to institute or to you, they have to pay that money.
We just need to do it. There is nothing wrong in it, after all you are asking for your own money. What’s wrong in it? So get united, move ahead. We all can do it together. Please don’t think that – leave it, if the system is like this then no one can do anything. No, friends, instead of cursing the system and waiting for someone to initiate, to lead, take a step to change it. We need this step because no one else will do it for us. If we will not care for it now then remember that in this case you are going to be a part of this corrupt system.In future you will pay this money again and at that time this amount will be much more than now.
Your question may be,"For whom I will pay this money again in future?"
Please think, we know that you know the answer.

Thank you.


  1. Thank you mbainformer,
    for saving us form the malpractices of coaching institutes.

  2. thank you MBA informer,,
    thank god that some one is there to help students. I wil pass on this message to my friends too.
    Thank you


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