June 30, 2010

Puzzle Of The Day

QUESTION:- A dragon and a knight live on an island. There are seven poisoned wells on the island. These wells are numbered from 1 to 7. If someone drinks from a well, he can only neutralize the poison by drinking from a higher-numbered well. Well number 7 is located at the top of a very high mountain on the island and only the dragon can reach it.

One day the dragon told the knight that he wanted the island all for himself and that they should have a duel. He set the following conditions. Each of them has to bring a glass of water to the duel, then they are supposed to exchange the glasses, and drink from the other's glass.

The dragon thought that the knight was doomed to die. But the knight devised a clever plan so that he will live and the dragon will die. What was his plan?


The knight got a glass of plain water to the duel. He himself drank from well number 1 before coming to the duel.
The dragon brought poisoned water from the well number 7 to the duel.
At the duel, the knight drank from the poisoned water from well 7 (that the dragon had got) and that neutralized the poisoned water he had drunk from well 1 before the duel.
The dragon drank the plain unpoisoned water from the glass and then rushed to the well number 7, drank from it and died. He wrongly assumed that the knight brought poisoned water from one of the lower-numbered wells and that the water from well number 7 will neutralize it.



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