June 2, 2010


Fill in the blanks in the passage with the most appropriate set of words from the options for each blank.

In the solution of it there is no ___1___ in saying that the Centennial stands more than a quarter of a century in advance of even the latest of its fellow ___2___. At Vienna, a river with a few small steamers below and a tow-path above represented water-carriage. Good railways came in from every quarter of the __3___ , but none of them brought the locomotive to the neighborhood of the grounds. In the matter of tram-roads for passengers, the Viennese distinguished themselves over the Londoners and Parisians by the possession of one. In steam-roads they had no advantage and no __4___.

1) exaggeration, expositions, compass, inferiority.
2) argument,  expositions, globe, superiority.
3) argument, theories, globe, superiority.
4) exaggeration, structures, global, inferiority.
5) argument,  explanation, compass, inferiority.


The third blank is compass. This is because, the sentence says “every quarter of the…” and therefore the third blank should be compass. For Globe to be the blank, the statement should be “every corner of the globe” or “every part of the globe”. Therefore options 2, 3 and 4 are eliminated.
The 1st sentence talks about the Centennial and it standing for more than a quarter in advance of its latest fellow exhibitions. So, exaggeration is a better suited answer as compared to argument. This eliminates option 5.

Hence, the correct answer is option 1.


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