June 23, 2010

Results on the Display Board and the Truth !!!!

If you have visited coaching institutes then you must have seen the display boards at various coaching centres. You must also have noticed that those display boards have photographs, names and the %ile of various students. Would you like to know the reality behind these so marvellous results?

If you ask about those students who have scored well in the MBA entrance tests then you will be told that those students are the students of that particular coaching institute.
We don’t say that it is false. But it is not the truth also.
The reality is that maximum numbers of students are only those students who have joined the mock test series only. These are those talented students who join the coaching institutes few days or months before the MBA entrance tests. They practice at their own perform well in the mock tests as well as in the MBA entrance tests and get admission in one of the leading B-Schools; unaware of the fact that they are now celebrities for these coaching institutes.
Now your question may be what’s wrong in it?
Either one has joined for class or for tests only, he/she is one of the students at the institute.
You may also say that whenever you have asked to meet these students, you have met one of them.
Let us help you. It has been told that only some of the students, whose results has been displayed, are the institute class room students. Most of them are only test series students. So, whenever you ask for meeting any student, they let you meet to one of those students who had attended the class.
If you visit these coaching institutes for getting admission and for enrolment, please check the terms and conditions written at the enrolment form.
Most of the institutes have added a statement there in their latest enrolment form. Which states that, the coaching institute can use the name and photograph of the enrolled student for advertisement purpose. It means they are again making money by using your name, even when you are not there student any more.
You can say that they can, after all they have taught us.
Please, if you consider being used just as money making machine, a bearer cheque etc as teaching then ok. It’s your opinion. But if you know the reality that these institutes are not educational institutes but money making institutes then you should think about it.
You should think about all the hidden facts of these money making institutes.
You should think about changing this corrupt education system.
You should think about yourself and your career.
If you have any question related to your career, want any suggestions, you are free to ask. We will try our best to satisfy you.
Thank you.


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