June 30, 2010

Who is Responsible for this Unemployable Mob

Shashank Shristava, an MBA graduated. A person, who had a lot of dreams about getting placed with a handsome package in one of the top MNCs, but, what happened after getting his diploma from his B-School made him depressed. All his dreams were squashes when he got a sales job with a salary of Rs.6,000 per month in an insurance company. The worst part is that, this job is also a result of his own efforts.
He had thought that his institute will place him with a handsome salary, as the institute had boasted at the time of admission - 100% placement with an average package of Rs.4,00,000.
But the institute failed to call any good company.
Shashank says that, "We talked to the management about our placement and the college made an excuse of recession. That’s it." Further he says, " I got this job of adviser with my own efforts and I get depressed when I see my co-workers who are just graduates.
Now he is confused, who is responsible for ruining his career, recession, his institute or Shashank himself?
The story is same with Nikita Tyagi, she got admission in an engineering institute in Bangalore. She moved to Bangalore with a lot of dreams that after B.Tech. She will be working will industries like Infosys or Wipro or other industries like these. But finally she got a job with a pay package of Rs. 7,500 per Month in a call center.
In the words of Nikita, “I feel lucky when I look at several of my classmates, who are still struggling and hunting for jobs. Some has got but are not satisfied. I have accepted the reality and I am learning to manage with the scenario.
This situation is not only with Shashank or Nikita. It is the story of thousands of those students who get there degree or diploma from such a college which has  just an attractive banner for marketing nothing else. These colleges boast about there extraordinary international study tours,  industrial visits, extraordinary faculty and compare themselves with reputed institutes like IIMs. The students get trapped in the fake commitments the marketers of these institutes.
When we talked to experts about this critical placement scenario they told that, "There are various surveys in the market which are suggesting that job market in India is improving, slowly it is moving on the track again, but the problem is that industries are not getting suitable candidates. The candidates who are coming to them for job have a degree or diploma, but they don't have equivalent qualification, ability and skills."
"We call about 800 candidates for interview when we have openings for about 60 or 70 candidates. It takes time but the industries want to hire the best we can get from this mob of degree/diploma holders." Says Mr.Prakash Jha, a H.R. consultant.
According to Mr. R.K. Tanejaa, founder and CEO of a Delhi based recruitment firm, "Trend of freshers getting starting salaries of less than Rs 1 lakh per annum is quite common. It’s generally smaller firms which would go to lesser-known institutes and they pay you less. Salaries given to students from the tier 1 institutes are way apart from what a majority get."
There are about 3,800 engineering institutes and about 1600 known B-schools, affiliated to AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). Even hundreds of the B-schools are not so famous which results a low salary placement or no placement scenario for the students of these institutes, ruining their career.
Someone who has really got the 100%+ benefit of this recession is these B-grade B-schools and institutes which advertise themselves as A+ or A++ or A+++ and so on. These institutes boasts for 100% placement and the time of placement get escaped easily by making an excuse of recession.


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  1. Thank you for this nice post. Mayank Verma, Faisalabad.


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