July 30, 2010

Strategy for Arithmetic For CAT 2010

The Quantitative Ability section of CAT is divided into sub sections or topics such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration and Trigonometry. This article will talk about the topic of arithmetic, its components and preparation method in detail..
Arithmetic compromises basic mathematics and includes topics like Averages, profit & Loss, Ratio & Proportion, percentages, Time, Speed & Distance etc. As it covers a lot of topics, so it becomes an important and scoring sector of CAT.
The components:-
This section is the basic part of Quantitative Ability section of CAT. This section comprises of basic mathematics and includes topics like Averages, profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, percentages, Time, Speed and Distance etc. The calculation of the Arithmetic part is not only based on formulas but it can be identified with day to day life as well.
 Preparation for Arithmetic:-
Preparation for Arithmetic can be done on the basis of day to day life. Since the topics like profit and loss, percentage, time and distance etc. are prevalent in our daily life, you can utilize them and do mental calculation to increase your speed in calculation.
For eg.; When you travel and fill up fuel for your bike or car for Rs 500, ask the price/liters and calculate the liters that you expect to get for Rs 500. So you can see people number plates and find out the average, median etc of that number.
A very simple but effective way to improve your speed with numbers is to observe the numbers that appear in a year and make all possible combination with the four numbers – ratio of first two and the last two, total of the four digits, inverted ratio, etc. another could be doing calculations using mobile numbers, pin codes, etc. Implication of this idea in daily life makes one comfortable with numbers.
It is good to relate various such daily incidents mathematically and solve. Do lot of variations in your thoughts, create different type of questions and answer them on your own.
Apart from that, you should also keep in mind the basic guidelines such as getting enough practice, taking practice tests and maintaining speed along with accuracy. One thing that should always be kept in mind while preparing for these sections is that along with speed, accuracy is also important. So it should be made sure that you do not lose track of accuracy while concentrating on speed.

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