July 3, 2010

Verbal Ability - Question of the Day

Answer the question based on the passage given below.
It doesn’t have a high decibel splash on TV but whenever it does appear it stands out by virtue of the plain Jane, no frills, talking about the functional attributes of the product amidst the glitz and glamour of the other television commercials. These infomercials are not a recent phenomenon. But the objective is to help consumers, particularly housewives, make purchase decisions. Today there are many brands competing in the same space. How does one choose one over the other? It is increasingly tough for the housewife. That is where this format comes in handy.
The infomercials are based on which of the following assumptions?


1)Consumers, especially housewives, are weary of celebrities explaining the product attributes.
2)Infomercials will bring down the cost of commercials and hence the selling price and attract consumers.
3)Consumers, especially housewives, no longer pay attention to the glitz and glamour of television commercials.
4)Glitz and glamour do not stand out any more in the heavily cluttered world of TV commercials.
5)A product's functional attributes facilitate purchase decisions of consumers, especially of housewives.

Infomercials consist of no frills, the plain Jane explaining the functional attributes of the product. Companies believe that this information about the product will help consumers especially house wives to make purchase decisions. The assumption, hence, is that these decisions are driven by product attributes.
Option 1 is eliminated by ‘weary of’ – it may be difficult to make a choice – but ‘weary of’ is uncertain.
Option 2 (cost) is not implied anywhere in the data.
In option 3, ‘no longer pay attention to glitz etc.’ cannot justify emphasis on product attributes. Option 4 may be partially true, but still does not justify the emphasis on product attributes.
Hence, the correct answer is option 5.



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