July 23, 2010

Verbal Ability-Question of the Day

Answer the question based on the passage given below.

As Atheism has appeared in several distinct forms, it is necessary to consider both its generic nature and its specific varieties. It may be defined, generally, as that state of mind which involves either the denial or the doubt of the existence and government of God as an all perfect Being distinct from the created universe; or which leads to the habitual forgetfulness and wilful neglect of His claims as our Creator, Preserver, and Lord. This state of mind, whether evinced by words or by actions, contains in it the essence of Atheism, and it is recognized in Scripture, in each of its two aspects, as an evil alike natural and prevalent.
Which of the following ways has the author used to explain atheism?


The author has typified athiesm as evil. It has been given in scriptures as not good and natural.
2) The author has tried to give an epitomized and generalised description of Atheism.
3) There has been an explication of atheism by the author. He has explained the general definition of atheism.
4) The author has expounded the generic and specific nature of Atheism. He has further described how it has been interpreted in the scriptures.

The author has not used any examples or symbols to explain Atheism. Therefore typification of optimization of atheism has not happened in the paragraph. Additionally, in option 1, it is incorrect to say that the author has typified atheism as evil as the passage states that Atheism is recognized as evil in scriptures. This eliminates option 1 and 2.
Between options 3 and 4, option 3 is an appropriate option.
Option 4 points to the specific nature of atheism, which has been mentioned but not explained in the paragraph.
Hence, the correct answer is option 3


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