August 28, 2010

Verbal Ability for CAT- Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is more about testing your logical ability rather than English knowledge. Rather than mere English knowledge, for the sub section of Verbal Ability, you need to enhance your logical skills.
English, the world’s local language has various intricacies which are tested in all its forms in the CAT exam and other MBA Exams.  Verbal Reasoning is another predominant part of CAT. Verbal Reasoning is more about testing your logical ability rather than English knowledge. For verbal reasoning, you need to have the ability to use logic.Thus, rather than mere English knowledge, for this sub section of Verbal Ability, you need to enhance your logical skills regarding MBA Exams Preparations 2010. A look at the question pattern will help you understand what you can expect and how you shall prepare for the Verbal Reasoning part for MBA Exams Preparations 2010 and specially for the CAT Exam.
Types of questions in Verbal Reasoning
The most common form of questions is that you will be given a paragraph where the sentences will be jumbled. You will have to rearrange the sentences and make the paragraph meaningful. Another type of question that is found in the Verbal Ability section of the CAT exam is paraphrasing a given paragraph. This calls for your understanding of what is given and hence is some what similar to the Reading Comprehension section of the CAT Exam and other MBA Exams.
Since CAT 2006, the questions on Fact Inference Judgement became common. In this kind of questions, you will be given a set of sentences and you will have to identify which one is fact, which one is inference and which one is a judgement.
MBA Exams preparations 2010 for Verbal Reasoning
As mentioned earlier, Verbal Reasoning is more about having the logic and clear understanding rather than learning. MBA Preparations will also be on that line. But you can initiate the MBA preparations with the same method as you have done for Reading Comprehension and English Usage parts, i.e. reading. When you read an article or a chapter of a book, you will follow a pattern of the sentences. They will start with an introduction, followed by that would be the main theme. Similarly, in the questions of para jumbling too, you can follow the same. First read the entire paragraph and then find out the link between the sentences. Identify the introductory sentence and you will automatically recognize the order of the paragraph.
Often the first sentence gives an overview that helps in forming the framework of the passage. Transitional words, phrases or paragraphs that change the topic should be checked. Try understanding the type of reasoning used i.e. cause and effect reasoning, hypothesis or model building for your CAT Exam MBA Preparations.
For the paraphrasing questions, the advice is to write a summary of an article or paragraph after you read one. This not only expands your comprehending skill but also helps develop an independent thinking process and your ability to express. After finishing an article, write the gist of that. This will help you know how much you remember of that passage. Write a summary of about 100 to 150 words every day on the editorial as it will help in building thought process.
Fact, Inference and Judgment questions can be dealt totally on your understanding. You can identify a sentence as fact if it gives hard core information, universal or applied truth. Inference sentences can be identified by conclusions drawn on the basis of facts. For e.g. if the sentence starts with ‘So, Thus, Due to’ etc. it can be considered as Inferential sentences. Judgment sentences are easy to identify as it gives the personal opinion. Initially, identification of fact, inference and judgment might be confusing but with regular practice, you will get comfortable in this sort of questions for your MBA Exams Preparations 2010.
Only practice and clear understanding will help you score well in the Verbal Reasoning portion of the section of Verbal Ability section in CAT 2010. For your MBA Preparations, supplement your learning by solving examples from previous exams as well as from books or course material developed by experts exclusively for CAT entrance exam.
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