August 22, 2010

Verbal Ability - Question of the Day

Fill in the blanks in the passage with the most appropriate set of words from the options for each blank.
Although many genetic and environmental causes of autism have been ____, its theory of causation is still incomplete. The genetics of autism is complex. Genetic linkage analysis has been inconclusive; many association analyses have had inadequate power For each autistic individual, mutations in more than one gene may be ___. Mutations in different sets of genes may be involved in different autistic individuals. There may be _____ interactions among mutations in several genes, or between the environment and mutated genes. By ____ genetic markers inherited with autism in family studies, numerous candidate genes have been located, most of which encode proteins involved in neural development and function.


1) suggested, possible, unequal, removing
2) insinuated, acquited, obvious, identifying
3) proposed, possible, unequal, eliminating
4) insinuated, involved, obvious,  isolating.
5) proposed, implicated, significant, identifying.

‘Insinuate’ means ‘to hint’ or ‘imply’ which does not fit in the context’.
‘Suggested’ or ‘proposed’ can fit in blank 1.
Also, in blank 2, acquitted is inappropriate. This eliminates options 2 and 4.
In blank 4, numerous candidate genes cannot be located by ‘isolating’, 'removing' or 'eliminating them'. To locate a gene or a gene marker, we need to ‘identify’ or ‘locate’ it rather than ‘eliminate’ or 'remove' it.
Hence, the correct answer is option 5.


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