September 8, 2010

Strategy for Geometry For CAT 2010

In the previous article we had discussed about the strategies that the students should take to score well in the arithmetic section of Quantitative Ability of CAT 2010. Geometry is the another sub section of Quantitative Ability, which is a problem area of many CAT aspirants. Here in this article, we will discuss the Geometry portion in detail.
"Drawing the figures to scale and then visually analyzing  the problem is the best way to handle Geometry," says Mr. Kunwar Kumar, MBA Informer expert.

Geometry: The Components:-
According to the experts, “ The most important section of Quantitative Ability area is Algebra and Geometry  and Linear equations, Quadratic equations, Series & Sequences, Functions, Triangles, Circles, are more important of these.” Mensuration, Trigonometry, Lines, Angles, Triangles, Polygons, Circles, and Co-ordinate Geometry, these are the main parts of Geometry.
Geometry, How to Get Prepared:-
Practice, practice and practice; like every other section of Quantitative ability, practice is the best tools to get excel in Geometry. Geometry is all about shapes. With shapes things will be in proportion. Drawing figures to scales and then analyzing it the best way to get excel. In most of the cases you would be able to pick the right option.
If you are weak in the Quantitative Ability, you should give ample time for each part of the section every day. And if Geometry is your particular weak point, then you should give it more time than other parts.
Students should make a weekly plan for studying the various parts of the Quantitative Ability.
This can be helpful to you:-
Monday - Arithmetic, Tuesday - Algebra, Wednesday - Geometry, Thursday - Modern Math, Friday - take test, Saturday - analyze, Sunday - revise weak areas. This, in a way, would ensure that you cover all the areas in the Quant equally. Students are recommended to draw the diagrams first of all, while attempting a Geometry question in a mock test or the actual CAT 2010 exam.

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