October 27, 2010

First Day, First Show of CAT 2010

Dear aspirants, It was the first day of CAT2010 today. Our experts had attended it to put the real scenario before you. Here is a part of conversation of some students with our experts. Go through it and you will come to know about all the situations you will be facing in real CAT test. All the best.

Question: Sir, how was the CAT2010? Hope the students are not going to face problems this time.
Answer: This time CAT seemed to go off smoothly with fewer hitches. The invigilators had more detailed instructions unlike CAT2009.

Question: Can you provide analysis per section? What kinds of questions were asked this time? Compare with MOCK CATS. Compare with CAT2009. Were there questions from CAT2009 (as in case of '09)?
Answer: Verbal Ability: Similar pattern as of CAT2009. Reading comprehension passages were lengthier, somewhat more difficult, and indirect questions.
 Quantitative Ability: Similar to last year - but questions from topics like Probability, and Conics (Circles) also appeared.
DILR: The focus on singlet reduced. Overall the number of questions on Data Sufficiency reduced.

Question: Sir, I have 2 days in my hands. Can you show of some final tips? Was the paper very tough? What about Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation?
Answer: The paper was on similar lines compared to last year, but perhaps a little tougher than last year. For final tips please click here.

Question:  Was there anything new in the tutorial?
Answer: Better to go through the demo available on the CAT site beforehand. The tutorial was based on the real situation of CAT2010
Question: Was there any problem with loading of images of Quantitative Ability or LRDI this time, as it had happened in CAT 2009
Answer: No, there was no problem with loading of images this time.

Question: How would you rate the difficulty level of the paper?
Answer: As answered previously, it was perhaps a little tougher than last year. The surprise was the appearance of topics in Quantitative ability which came for the first time.

Question: Any problem with the computer? Was it mounted on the desk and was it comfortable??
Answer: My computer was mounted on the desk. The computer was comfortable enough to use.

Question: Were there any unexpected question types in any sections?
Answer: The question types did not really got that much variation from last year.

Question: Like CAT2009, was it possible to answer about 50 questions on an average? Or was there any difference from CAT2009?
Answer: It was possible to attempt the entire paper. Of course, not all questions can be solved in this time frame - you will have to leave those you cannot get.

Question: Hello Sir! Two questions. 1. Was there any question in the paper that was incorrect or ambiguous?
 2. In the DI/LR section, were the images (pie-charts etc) were taking time to load? If yes, then what was the duration?
Answer: There were questions (particularly in DILR) that required you to make some assumptions. The images were not taking time to load. Similarly, apart from one small issue, all images loaded fine.

Question: Sir, please put some light on the difficulty level of Quantitative Ability section. I have been hearing different opinions about it. Some are saying that it was very easy; for others it was damn tough and some are saying that it was very ambiguous with options not even near to the actual answers.
Answer: The QA section had answers which were very close. A large number of questions would have required actual solving of the question rather than elimination. There are a number of easy questions on tanks or pipes, percentages etc. that should just not be missed. For the rest, they are formula or terminology based with a coating. If you do not know the underlying concept then you will find it difficult. On the other hand, if you do, then it is easy. For example, questions on "formula of a circle".

Question: How do you use the highlight feature to highlight multiple lines in RC passages?
Answer: You click and drag to select the lines. Those lines will be marked in yellow after that.

Question: Were the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation sections had more questions on the calculation side?
Answer: The Data Interpretation questions were more on the calculation side. There were Data Interpretation sets that involved logic also. Some questions needed simultaneous equations to solve.

Question: I came to know that there were a lot of pie-chart and histogram questions in the paper. Do you think that this trend will continue in the subsequent days and slots or will the pattern change over time
Answer: Dear Aspirant, the pattern over time cannot be predicted. It will be best to get prepared for different situations.

Question: What was the strategy you adopted by you to attempt paper? What would you recommend us to start with?
Answer: You can start with any section that you prefer. It all depends on your interest area. Keep in mind that you will have the time to at least look at all questions. Do not end your time while attempting a group question.

Question: Hello Sir! Please tell about the time given for the test and the total number of questions asked?
Answer: The time given was 2 hours 15 min. The total number of questions was 60.

Question: What was the Verbal breakup? CR, Vocabulary, PJ, FIJ etc?
Answer: The breakup of questions was similar to last year.

Question: Was there any question with no answer? As in ambiguous questions meant to waste our time?
Answer: No, there were no such questions.

Question: Can you tell us about type of questions in VA.
Answer: The questions were same as CAT2009.

Question: How was the overall feel of the QA and DI sections? Was it more like CAT 2009?
Answer: Yes, in most of the cases it was absolutely at CAT2009.

Question:  How can I Improve DI.
Answer: Focus on calculations. Make sure that you are able to do them fast. Practice in front of a computer since that mode is difficult to master.

Question: Was there any option like CLEAR BUTTON to erase the answer we have selected?
Answer: If you click again on an option that you have selected, it becomes deselected.

Question: Was the font of the paper same as the font in the demo available on the CAT site?
Answer: The font was clearly readable.

Question: Sir, if a person is unprepared and has just 20 days to go for his CAT or may be other exams...what would u suggest him to study/focus on and all??
Answer: Practice, practice and practice. Practice it from theory material and past CAT papers as much as you can. With focused preparation on your weak areas, you stand a chance.

Question: Sir, I am comfortable with RC and Verbal base questions but not pretty comfortable with grammar.  Should I worry too much about grammar at this time?
Answer: This is not a good time to learn grammar or any subject area you are uncomfortable with, so close to the exam. Please concentrate on the rest.

Question: Sir! My test is on the 9th I am a bit convened about any tips on how can I handle it. Put some light on VA too.
Answer: Just make the maximum use of the time that you have. Give a mock if you have time - and practice questions from across areas for the rest.

Question: Sir, should we solve question from different mocks or last year paper will suffice as in 2009 most of the questions were form previous year papers?
Answer: The more the practice, the better the performance and result. At this point of time, you should not be doing more than one mock a week. But keep on maintaining speed and accuracy.

Question: Sir, I am planning to practice simple, conceptual and logical questions of Quant, which I have given in Mock CATS and I am practicing previous 5 years CAT questions too. I want to focus more on very calculative questions and very logical. Is it going to be a good strategy to attempt CAT 2010. Also, I am going through the previous questions of CAT 2003 to 2008. Is it good enough?
Answer: It’s good but along with this plan, you should also look at CAT questions from years before 2003.

Question: Sir, how can I improve my vocabulary, considering only ten days left now for the D-DAY, for me?
Answer: At this stage, practicing questions in vocabulary will give you the maximum return, over a longer period; reading and practicing from wordlists can also prove to be beneficial.

Question: Sir, what should be my strategy for next 15 days, before appearing in CAT 2010. I have decided to solve Past year Data Interpretation Questions; for Quantitative ability - Basic question from fundamental books. I am very much tensed about Verbal Ability, Please help me.
Answer: Dear aspirant, right now I can suggest you to look at the past CAT questions from all areas - not just DI.

Question: In my Mock Cats, I am attempting 20 getting 11-12 right and missing cutoffs by 3-4 marks. What should I do to get these 3-4 marks? I have a 10 days in my hand for CAT.
Answer: Be positive and focus on giving your best performance. Keep practicing as it helps. Concentrate on your accuracy as well as speed.

Question: Can you tell something about the number of questions in CAT 2010?
Answer: There were 60 questions today.

Question: Dear sir, I have 7 days in my hands. But, I am unsure about my verbal and unable to get enough time to revise my mocks. Please help me in this situation. I am feeling helpless and confused.
Answer: Verbal cannot be improved drastically in a short duration. Focus on your confidence and perform the best possible of all your abilities.

Question: Dear Sir, Is there any weightage per question this time? Was there anything mentioned in the paper today?
Answer: The paper does not mention weightage per question. There was nothing mentioned about it in paper.

 Question: Sir, are you sure that there will be no GK questions this time.
Answer: GK has not been asked in CAT this year. It is not there in any of the three sections this year.

 Question: Sir, I am planning to appear for CAT2011. Please help me in making a good startup.
Answer: You should start by looking at the previous year CATs which are available. You can start preparation from theory material and reading newspapers immediately. Practice from Past CAT is a good idea only when you complete each topic from fundamental books.

Question:  My strong points are Verbal Ability and Data Interpretation. I am ok in quant, would like to know the major quant topics which made an appearance in cat-10
Answer: It will help to cover all the regular concepts as well as not so regular concepts.



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