October 26, 2010

Some Tips For MBA Aspirants for CAT 2010

Dear  aspirants, the CAT 2010 is near. You must have prepared for this very moments by putting yourself on your mettle. Here are some points suggested by our experts that you need to persuade to  assure success in CAT 2010. Follow the following tips till the day for your test comes. MBA INFORMER team wishes you all the best for your test and career.
Here are the tips :-

1)Strategy, You Need It : A planned strategy is the best way to success in any field. You must devise a timetable and divide your time for all sections.  Experts suggest to keep last 15 days to revise questions which you have solved during your mock tests. One should develop a strategy on the section and questions. You need to  devise your sequence of attempting sections. Make a plan that which questions you will attempt first during the test and which later. Also follow a technique on the ways to cover all finally.

2)  Online Format, Practice It : Online format of paper is very new, so you need to be very confident on how to take the paper. Ned to be familiar with all sections and technicalities of the test. Make yourself familiar with computers and its functioning. Since we are so used to taking the test in paper and pen format, taking many online practice tests will help you to get familiar with it. Beware! Reading section can get very tough in computer. So, practice reading e-books or newspapers on screen.

3)  Mock Tests, Don't Miss Them : Guessing the type of questions for CAT paper is not an easy task. So, the best way is to attempt as many mock tests as possible. It will help you to be confident about your preparation. There are so many test preparation companies coming up with practice tests which are up-to-date with latest trends and syllabus. So, it becomes easy to evaluate your performance and know where you stand. You can also find questions here in previous posts.

4)  Track and Correct Your Points of Weaknesses:  Keep our weak points and work hard to improve them. In English, you should be able to focus on the ability to read and understand longer sentences on complex topics. You should know meaning of words, idioms and sentences. In quant, you should focus on all sections as 2009 online test had a balanced coverage of this section. Also pay attention in fundamentals.

5)  Speed Up Yourself with Accuracy :  You are going to face competition hence speed matters especially when you aspire to score a very good percentile in CAT 2010 but don't ignore accuracy. Work on your speed and reliability of calculations. Avoid calculators now a days. Also, planning upon time to spend on each section is also important.

Not only the good preparation but the environment inside the examination center also matters.
So please avoid unnecessary hassle inside the center.
Here are the tips that can help you to enjoy a good environment inside the test center.

Punctuality, It Matters:  First of all, be punctual.  Put all your things at right place on the day before test, to avoid unnecessary delay. You must arrive two hours before the test. The test  starts at 10 a.m. in the morning slot and 3.30 p.m. in the evening slot.

Avoid Carrying Unnecessary Objects:  You will not be allowed to carry your mobile phones, calculators, pens, wristwatches etc. with you inside the examination hall, hence avoid taking them with you.

15-minute tutorial, It helps A lot , Attend It: A 15 minute tutorial before test has been planned by Prometric to help students.  CAT 2010 will start with a 15-minute tutorial on how to take the examination. This tutorial will be followed by the test, which will be of 2 hours and 15 minutes. The test will be on verbal, quantitative, logical and data interpretation abilities.

Be Careful With Extra Paper for calculations:  In order to help you to do calculations during exams, you will be given a paper and pencil. However, you cannot take that paper with you outside the examination hall. So, be careful with it.

By sticking to all the above tips, you can enjoy a smooth time in taking the paper and can score well.
Best of luck!



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