November 4, 2010

CAT 2010: Important Lessons From Day 1 Experience

Getting fret about CAT even after preparations. Here are some tips to help you from MBA Informer, on the basis of recent CAT papers of CAT2010.

1) An Analysis of Questions in all Sections:  Quantitative Ability - part from five to six questions which were tough.
Verbal Ability - Easy and on the expected lines.
Data Interpretation section -A few questions were similar to previous years. A good mix of calculation intensive questions and logical questions was there for students.

2)Paper -The Difficulty Level:  Experts feel that CAT 2010 is quiet easy and can be cracked easily if one is  prepared well. According to the most of the takers, Verbal Ability section was  very simple. The general opinion is that average attempt of each section should be 15 questions. However, according to some test takers Quant was little tough enough  to balance the easy portion of Verbal Ability and making the test moderate to attempt.

3) Accuracy within Time: No doubt that proper time management is the master key to score well. So, decide your strong section and allocate your time accordingly. At the same time, it is very important to your answers accurately. So, do have a check on your accuracy. There will be no use of attempting more number of answers if you are wrong. It will decrease your percentile, nothing else because If you do this, there is a high probability that you will lose marks in the negative marking scheme.

4) 99 Percentile, You can Get It : If you are able to crack at least 15 questions per section and 40 to 42 in total, then it will fetch a good percentile and calls from top B-schools, says the CAT2010 Test takers. An attempt of around 13 to 15 in Quantitative Ability, 16 - 17 in Data Interpretation and 15 - 17 in Verbal Ability will help you to score well, as per the analysis.

5) Some Surprises are Waiting For You: Its just the analysis of Day 1 or Day 2. So, get ready for surprises, as CAT is known for it. Though the difficulty level of the paper is expected to remain the same throughout the exam season, but you cannot  know when CAT will throw a surprise for you. So to be on the safe side, be prepared for anything.

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