November 29, 2010

Its All About Making Money..

Do you remember the very first day you visited your coaching institute for counseling???

Do you remember all the promises made by your mentor?
Do you remember your bright future shown by your counselor?
Do you remember the process used by him to make you ready to take admission?
If yes! Then good
If no! Then no problem, we are here to help you.
So, the process begins.
The processes of making students fool.
The process of using students as money making machine.
The process of playing with the future of students.
The very first day, a student visits a coaching institute for enquiry, what happens, lets check it out…
In the words of counselor--
"You are pursuing B.Tech(from any specialization)/B.Com/ B.A./B.B.A./B.Sc. Etc.
It will be a great combination with M.B.A. It’s the best career for you. You are going to do great with this combination……..etc"

"IIMs are for you."
"You will go to IIMs or other top B-Schools."
"You are made for IIMs"
"We teach you to move you to IIMs or other Top 20 B-schools."
"There is no benefit of getting your MBA degree from any B-school other than Top 20-25 B-schools"

You say anything, it’s alright. You are right. It means there is no difference between B.Tech. and B.A.
They will use all the marketing strategies to make you agree that only they are the best in the market. But the truth is different. It will be disclosed further.
Now the student is agree to get admission there and from here the process of making money starts, which ends with the admission of student, if he/she gets.

Now the topic moves to fee structure.
"You need to pay Rs.29,000 only. If you want weekend classes then Rs.32,000 only."
Student seems to be not ready to get admission at this fee.

"We are having a offer of flat Rs.2000 discount if you pay your fee at the time of registration."
Student is not agree again.
"We have one more offer. If you take admission in a group of 3-5 students fee will be Rs.25,500 per student."
It means the student will provide them business of Rs.25,500 x 5 = 5 Rs.1,27,500 then he will get a discount of Rs.15,00.
Finally, the student gets admission with a hope that he is going there to study.
But, no!
There are a lot of other distractions there, which distracts the student.
The most powerful distraction is "EARN WHILE YOU LEARN" program.
It has some plans like-- On each referral the student will get a sum of Rs.500-Rs.700.
It means for each Rs.25,500 or the current fee which is not less than Rs.25,000; the student will get Rs.500. Isn't it ridiculous.
Student is there for studies or working as your marketing executive. Even the counselors properly convince students to bring students. The counselors properly visit the hostels of these students in order to convince the other students. They use the existing student of institute as there pass in hostel. They make that student there representative in order to make him happy. Just to pass a feel good factor. But this distracts the studies too.
At institute, the classes never remain constant at particular schedule.
Even sometimes the classes are arranged in such a manner that students need to take leave from colleges. So, the studies suffer too.
Now as the time of entrance tests come closer, students are not performing well in MOCK Tests. How will the student score, he had a lot of work to do in order to bring a student for the coaching.
They scold you as well as start convincing you to drop and get coaching for next year.
The promises made earlier also change--
"Everyone cannot go to IIMs."
"You can go for top 50 B-schools, even Top 100 B-schools."{Initially It was Top20 B-schools.}"
"Your career will be better even if you get admissions in Top 100 B-schools."

Now the student is preparing for his/her tests.
Here another distraction appears--
“Provide 2 students and get a MAT application form free."
“Provide 4 students and get a MAT + CAT application forms free."
“Provide 6 students and get a MAT+ CAT+FMS application forms free."

And so on … they indirectly force the students to bring students too.
In this case, they should promote students towards studies, but they promote them toward money making activities for them.
The student appears in entrance tests and unfortunately fails to score well.

How will he/she?
As he/she had a lot of distractions.

Even here the coaching institutes try to make money and make the student feel that they are helping him/her. They are well-wishers of students but the truth is they are trying to make money here too.
Even they offer marketing job to students at the same center and try to make him ready to drop.

So, the above was the whole process how the coaching institutes use students as money making machine for them.
But the process doesn't stops. The process continues, because they have to withdraw a lot of money from you.

Soon, you will come to know how you pay Rs.30,000-Rs.50,000, even more in some cases to your coaching institute, without asking any question.
Yes, you do. Almost all the students pay this huge sum of money from the hard earned money of your parents but you don't know how?
We will tell you…
After all, Its only the trailer.
Please wait for next Blog.
Please keep visiting and inform other students too. It's for students’ welfare only.
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