November 25, 2010

Its All About MAT

Entrance exam is an important phenomenon in the life of every student. Students cannot escape from it. It’s an avoidable part of their life. It is the most talked about topic nowadays. Till now majorly institutes are over with this entrance exam phase. From the month of November till late April all most all the students and institutes keep themselves busy with entrance exams, the procedure to follow and selection process related to that. Every year many students take these tests and try their ability and luck. 
As a student we spend hours of labor and our money over it.  To take any test every students spend at least Rs. 1000/- for that.
For example if a student appears in five tests in a month then he/she will at least spend Rs. 5000 to 7000 just for the entrance test. So it becomes really very important for a student to crack that exam. Every student now gives their best in the exam but dreams of some shattered with the declaration of the exam. Almost all the tests are conducted once in a month but there is an entrance test which is held 4 times in a year. It is MAT {Management Aptitude Test}.
Now many tests go online and one of the most talked about among them is CAT exam. The CAT exam goes online this year and faced many drawback and glitches. The students who gave that test this year were not really happy with the new pattern because it was full of errors. Even after the exam also the students were complaining about the problem they face and worried about the result.
There is one more exam which is equally important for students as CAT is MAT exam. The students those who fail to get through CAT exam want to succeed in MAT. MAT exam has its own importance and value among students. It is also one of the major entrance exams for getting into B-Schools.
From last year MAT also went online. But the best thing with this exam is that it did not drop the previous format of exam. It is following both the formats online format as well as pen and paper format. It is not in mood to change the format of the exam. It is still giving both the options to students. It has not completely switched over to online format.
CMS director V.S. Bejoy told, 'Keeping various factors in mind, we have decided to continue MAT in both paper-pencil and online formats. We have observed that majority of students prefer to sit for the paper-pencil format.”
He further added into the conversation, “We introduced the online format in September 2009 and since then we have tried it three times (September 2009, December 2009, February 2010). But only 10 percent of the 200,000 students opted for the online test whereas the remaining appeared only through the paper-pencil format.”

The MAT exam is conducted in four times in a year. The exam is conducted over 500 colleges in India and abroad uses MAT score for admission in various courses in B-Schools.
The MAT exam provides more flexibility to students to choose the method for the exam. They choose any mode of exam online, pen and paper according to their ease. This is really a good step to follow for other exams like CAT who went online. This will not create the panic among the students those who are not familiar with the format of online can still follow the traditional path.


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