November 17, 2010

MBA Course Adding Values to a Candidates Knowledge.

In India as well as abroad, a variety of MBA courses are available and students having varied background are opting for it. Some go for normal two-year courses while those who are engaged with businesses or jobs opt for Executive MBA programs and part time MBA courses.
Now the question arises, WHY MBA??
Why people are giving more preference to MBA rather than other courses. Even students from institutes like IITs opt for MBA to make their future as well as well settled employees in well known corporate houses as well as businessmen are giving preference to Executive MBA. Even some good corporate houses are making their employees to go for Executive MBA.
But the question is:-
What is the reason which is making student from varied backgrounds to change their stream??
What is special in MBA which is attracting well established businessmen as well as employees with good experience to it??
The answer is here. Let’s check what experts say about it:-
An MBA education broadens and enhances knowledge and is viewed in a sense of building up skills. It is utilized to find solutions to business issues.MBA courses imbibe in the students the capability and skills to maximize individual and organizational productivity. These MBA courses prepare the students to meet the demands of the marketplace. Dr. P Chandra, Director, IIM Bangalore, says, “Enrolling for different MBA courses is the best way for the candidate to learn how to build and mould innovative organizations. It teaches the learners how to go about analyzing management techniques and paves the way for building managerial perspectives. It also elucidates how the economy works within a society."
The case methodology, practiced by almost all MBA institutes is a thing that leaves the students with a great understanding of practical management knowledge and solutions. The Case-Method creates a classroom in which students need not only to absorb the facts and theories, but also the need to exercising the skills of leadership and teamwork in the face of real problems.
The age of management education is barely 50 years in India. In 1950s it began as a part-time education for practicing executives only. After that only a few universities offered full-time management degrees. In 1961, the Government of India established IIM Calcutta and Ahmadabad in collaboration with the Sloan School of Management, MIT, and the Harvard Business School respectively. A full-time PG degree program of international quality in management was launched at the IIMs in India. By 1990, 82 university-based departments and schools of management were functioning in the country. Post liberalization, MBA education sector saw a massive growth. According to experts, there are close to 1800 MBA institutes operating in all parts of the country at present. The reason is:-
MBA courses equip the candidates with adequate skills to face the challenges of a corporate career. IIM Ahmadabad graduate Santosh Desai, who's now CEO, Future Brands, says, “The wonderful thing about the MBA is that one will not just be the manager, but also a creator. I think the most important future challenge would be how you are going to transcend the act of managers. In management institute, you are given the freedom to think and to face the challenges. It will be new because all the things are in you but nothing compels you to think independently as does the good MBA course."
Former Director of IIM Indore Dr S P Parashar, says, “MBA education is critical for the development of a country. If you look around at the CEOs across the country they are all the alumni of these great Indian MBA institutes. Many academic leaders in top-tier MBA institutes in India are themselves from IIMs."
But some experts believe that the value addition of these MBA courses largely depends on the candidate himself. Dr Venkat Ratnam, Director, International Management Institute, says, “Many students go through the same education but the outcome is different in each case. You and I may get admission into the same MBA institute for the same course, but the outcome for both of us will not be the same. A candidate's mental makeup makes a lot of difference in what he or she is able to extract.”
So, the MBA is not just a degree, much more in fact. It helps one to find himself and the capability within him. This is why almost every person who is looking for a bright career is moving ahead on the ROAD TO MBA.


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