December 5, 2010

Batch timings at institute keep on changing? Why accept it ?

Dear friends, do you remember the very first day you had went for joining your coaching institute for MBA entrance test prep.?
Do you remember the option of selecting class timings {morning, afternoon or evening} and the batch {weekend or weekdays}?
If you had not been to any coaching institute yet let us tell you that, when ever any student visits a coaching institute then he/she always have an option to select. He/she has option to choose whether he/she would like to attend weekday’s classes or weekend classes.
Now, did you ever notice that there was a difference between the fees which was to be paid for joining the batches? If you want to join weekend batch then you need to pay more and if you wish to join weekday’s batches then you will be charged less.
The reason for this difference is that, according to the institute, in weekend classes they give extra time to the batches. They say that the class duration is more than those of in weekdays.
Maximum candidates select weekend batches, as it seems suitable to them. They plan for weekend batches because they have to go to their colleges or workplaces. They also prefer to select evening time for classes.
The aspirants put their option and they pay more than normal fee too as they have selected weekend batches.
But, do you know the reality behind these weekend batches??
Why it is arranged???
They show that they are providing you classes as per your convenient. It’s ok... but it never continues till last.
As the days pass, after some batches, you might have been noticed that many of weekdays students are coming in weekend’s class and many of weekend batches are merged with weekday’s classes.
This is the motive of the institutes. They charge high for weekend batches, promises to provide classes on weekends but what happens. They merge the batches by telling you that it’s for your convenient. But the reality behind this merger is to start new batches on weekends so that new students can join and again they can get that extra money per student.
Whether one has joined weekdays or weekend batch just after a month or two all can be found studying in the same batch. Sometimes if the students say that they cannot come on weekdays because they have to go to college, the institute suggest them to take leave from the college. Now if the student has to suffer loss in both the cases. If he chooses college, he will lose coaching class and if he chooses coaching class then he is going to lose his college classes and attendance too.
It is not where the story ends. They keep on changing the timings too.
Finally what happens; due to these changes the student feels uncomfortable to come to coaching. He misses some classes too and finally the gap in the studies occurs. He ask for weekend classes again and he is advised to join a new batch and thus due to the greed and lack of management abilities of the coaching institute, the student suffers.
He pays more for the classes but he is called in weekdays where the fee is low and he is suffering too. Why???
Why the students suffer due to the institutes. These institutes make the innocent students fool easily. It is the student who suffers due to frequently changing batch timings and merger of batches.
Please answer a question:-
If the batch time of the institute keep on changing then why to accept it?
Why to accept it even in the case you are going to bear the loss?

Thank you...



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