December 4, 2010

Truth Behind the Promises of Coaching Institutes

Dear friends,
MBA Informer team is thankful to you for your response and comments. We got a question from a reader that, if all the coaching institutes are following these malpractices of misguiding students and using them as a money making machine for their institute { Read the previous posts to know the details} then where to join. Which coaching institute is the best?

Dear friends, we have told that we are not against any coaching institute or college. We are making an attempt to change the corrupt system which occurs between the coaching institutes and colleges, which has been kept hidden from students all this time so that they can use the students and their money.

We will not say that any particular coaching institute is good or bad. Here we can only tell you to way to see the real face of the coaching institutes so that you can select the best option for you. We can tell you the ways to save yourself from the malpractices occurring there.

 The coaching institutes use all the marketing tactics to show that they are the best in the coaching industry. We don’t say that there is anything wrong in it. After all they are selling services to the students. So they use all the ways to attract students. Some of the well known tactics are:-

  • 9 out of 10 IIM call getters are from our coaching institute.
  • 60% of students studying at IIMs are from our institute.
  • The faculty teaching at our center is IIM pass out {or any other very reputed MBA/PGDM institute}.
  • Our Quantitative ability faculty is an IIT pass out.
  • Our faculty has 10 years, 15 years, 20 years ….experience in education industry.
  • We are at the top in this industry {everyone will say this}.
  • We provide online teaching facility to our students. For this purpose we are making a computer lab. at our center.

The above are only a few statements. Generally students get impressed and join the institute. Now, you will come to know about the truth of all the above statements. You will also come to know the way to extract the reality at the time before getting admission.

So, let’s begin with the first statement….

  • 9 out of 10 IIM call getters are from out coaching Institute.
About 2,50,000 to 3,00,000 students appear in for CAT every year and a survey says that almost 40% of these students appear without any preparation from any coaching institute. It means they prepare at their own. Now about 5,000 students get calls for IIMs { Data is proxy and is based on the no. of call getters in previous years.( source:- Internet)}.

So, if we go by calculations then out of 5000 call getters 4500 are from there institute. What a joke???

Now the question arises that what are the other institutes doing. It means students studying over there are doing nothing. But if you will check then studying at other centers has got IIM calls too. So, it means that whichever institute is saying like this is telling a lie and making a false commitment.

Now, 2nd statement,

  • 60% of the students studying at IIMs are from our Institute.

This case is same as above. If half of the students are from one institute then remaining institutes are doing nothing. This is not true. They will show you prove in the form of IIM students and their mobile number or E-mail id. It’s all a marketing strategy. Some of those students are IIM alumni but not all. Maximum students in that data are their own employees or people like them.

 Now about the commitments about faculties:-

Whenever you find any statement like this in any coaching institute then please ask for their documents to verify, its you’re right.

It’s a tough work but it will affect your career too. Insist to check the certificate of the faculty if you are told that the profile teaching you is having such a high profile. Point to think is that why an IIM graduate will teach at coaching center. If he( IIM guy) wants to come in education industry, better he will start his own chain of coaching institutes or will MBA college, even if not so great he will be the owner of coaching institute not only a faculty.

About the experience of the faculty teaching over there please ask that where had he rendered his services in previous years as a faculty. After all you are a mature student and a mature customer. Please don’t think that you are going to get any true teacher {guru} at these institutes. All are just making money.
And the fact about the online classes at these coaching institutes is that, first of all they will tell you that they will be providing it shortly, when you will join it. If they will say that there are arrangements for it then there will be 2-4 computers and even those will not be in proper working condition. If they are in working condition, then just for few days only. So don’t go on their commitment that they will be teaching you in such a manner that you will be able to face online tests. The reality is that you need to do it all at your own. You need to practice at home. There will be no computer base classes. We wish if they could provide such classes to prove us wrong. We will be happy if they do it. After all it will be for welfare of students.

You will be told that the coaching center is wi-fi enabled or each computer available for students is having internet connectivity. But the hidden truth is that wi-fi available over there will not be accessible. If you will ask about it, the answer will be, "There is some unknown error. Experts have been called. We have lost its password, software etc. LAN is having some error. We have called the technicians, they will be coming in next week and they will never come. "
There are so many other things that you may face. The above are those commitments which are general and are made by the marketers or councilors present there. Students also get convinced with the above points, any one will. So please be careful when you visit any coaching institute next time. If you are studying there then ask strictly for all those things you had been promised.





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