December 16, 2010

Get Prepared For Remaining MBA Entrance Tests

Now as the CAT will be over within next few days, you must get prepared for the other MBA entrance exams as well. With less time in hands you must get back to your preparations with the same zeal as you were for CAT2010. Lets read, what experts say about this.

 1) Increase your knowledge in each section:  Students should work hard to increase their knowledge and to clear their basic concepts in all sections- Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning, quant, data interpretation and Logic.

2) Build your speed:   Students should take as many model test papers as they can and should keep a track on time by seeing how much time they are taking to answer questions in all sections. This will help them to know, in which sections they need to work on their speed.

3) Allocate your time per section: For some aspirants, solving the section in which they are strongest in, works the best to ace the test. The reason is simple, well begin is half done.

4) Measure your performance with others: CAT is about to over, but for those who are going to appear in other entrance tests, should keep on attending test series. It will help them to know, where they stand.

5) Know which questions to attempt: The entrance test papers have so far been designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to correctly attempt all the questions. In this case, students  must be 100% sure which questions they will leave as they are as important as questions you attempt.

6) Read, Read and Read: Students must read newspapers and reading material to improve their knowledge in economics, world affairs and sociology.

7) Improving vocabulary: Students should make a conscious effort to improve their vocabulary.

8) Keep on practicing and studying: Students should not stop practicing and studying, the better will be their preparation strategy and better will be execution.

9) Read the paper carefully: Be it actual test or mock test paper, aspirants should take their time and read both the questions and data set carefully. Understand what you are being asked to do before you begin figuring out the information.

10) Set goals: While preparing for these tests, make sure you have set realistic goals and strive hard to achieve them.


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