December 15, 2010

How To Crack Snap 2011- Fianl Tips and Tricks

To get admission in any of the 14 management institutes of Symbiosis, a large number of MBA aspirants appear in SNAP Test or Symbiosis National Aptitude Test.
Next SNAP will be conducted in 19th December. All of you must be prepared for it. Still, on the demand of some of our aspirants, here are some final tips to crack SNAP. You can read more about SNAP in our previous posts.(click here) 
Symbiosis National Aptitude Test or SNAP comprises of around 150 questions for aspirants with 4 options for each question and  1/4th of the allotted marks for each correct attempt get deducted for each incorrect attempt or answer.
If we go through the SNAP test of last three years, we can easily notice that the paper was anything between easy and moderate. Also, almost all the sections have been on the easier side in the past three years but  the sectional cut-offs have been on the higher side.
If you want to perform well in SNAP, you need to work in both accuracy as well as speed. According to experts, one can solve more questions by elimination of options as most of the questions are on easier side so having options which can be eliminated fast will help one too solve more questions in less time. There are enough easy to moderate questions in SNAP to help the aspirants to clear the sectional and overall cut-offs.
Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to crack SNAP.

1)  Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency :-
Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation are in one section, which is usually the easiest as per by experts, followed by moderately easy questions from other topics. Quantitative ability section has a good mix of questions across topics, hence one can choose to attempt this game with his strengths. Its not an intelligent decision to attempt  new questions all of sudden in test so, keep on practicing some new questions everyday with added emphasis on speed. Also revise important formulas and browse through the lessons that you have practiced for different tests this year during your preparations for other MBA entrance tests.

2) Verbal Ability :- The Grammar, English Usage and Vocabulary based questions helps the test takers to understand the basic understanding of the rules of context, appropriateness and correctness of the aspirants. So,  If one is good at basic English, even without knowing the rules of the formal language, he will be able to answer the required number of questions in SNAP easily. The emphasis on reading comprehension has gone down over the years. With few days in hands for exam, one must read new words to enhance his vocabulary now a days. Also go through the basics of grammar and common errors in usage to be on the safer side. Solving 10 to 15 questions of English on correct-incorrect sentences daily will help one to increase his abilities. One should also go through the lessons on Idioms, phrases & word usage as well as solve a couple of questions on an everyday basis.

3) Logical Reasoning :- This section of test carries maximum weightage in the test, hence if the aspirants  do well in this section they do well in the test as well. The analysis of previous year papers show that , 2 marks have been accorded to each of the 30 questions asked in this section since last 3 years. Mostly questions are straightforward and many case-lets are asked. So, You must  try practicing questions on different types of syllogisms, implicit statements and arguments will help. If you want to score well in this section then you must practice different varieties of arrangement questions and case-lets.



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