December 1, 2010

You are worth a million Rupees - For your coaching institute !

Dear friends,
Do you know that you pay up to Rs.1.5 Lakh to your coaching institute  for a year?

Have you noticed that your mentor is motivating you to take admission in few selected colleges.
Have you ever made any enquiry about the college at your personal level?
If you will make then you will notice a lot of difference between the information you have collected at your personal level and the information provided by your mentor, but if you ask about this difference them you will gat some answers which will confuse you.
 For example..
"My dear, I have visited these colleges personally."
"I have talked to students."
"My dear, ham aapka bura to nahi chahte na."

If you will argue then you will get only one answer -
"GO, and take admission where ever you want. Don’t blame me after that."

Do you know why all this happens?

It’s a part of marketing, either to motivate you or push you.
Do you know why they  push you to get admission in a particular college??
Because they get huge benefit.

Here is the whole process in detail.

The colleges contact the institutes, it doesn’t matter its reputed or not, but reputed ones are preferred.  In some cases the coaching institutes contact the colleges too. The purpose of visit is not to know about college but the details of the contract and process which they sign.
Now the coaching institute checks that which colleges is paying more money for each student who will get admission there through them.  The coaching institute doesn’t think about fee or colleges. The just check that the college should have some name in market. So that students can be convinced easily to purchased forms and get admission there.
For e.g.-  If a college ABC BUSINESS SCHOOL  is paying Rs.30,000 and another one "XYZ Institute of Management"  is paying Rs.40,000 per student then  XYZ Institute of  Management  will be preferred.

Now the director of the coaching institute and the colleges come into a contract.
Memorandum Of Understanding is signed by both which describes all the conditions and amount of money which will be paid to the coaching institute. This amount ranges between Rs.30,000- Rs. 50,000. It goes to Rs.1,50,000 in some cases. Some colleges offer family trip to any place outside India too. (Pataaya, Singapore, New York , to name a few)

After signing this Memorandum, the coaching motivates or we can say misleads the students to  get admission there.
Now the coaching institute promotes the colleges even by making fake commitments. They will never tell you the truth.
Why they will?
After all your value is Rs.50,000{average} and it will be zero when you will know the truth.
They just show you, your bright future.
In order to sell forms the students are told that they don’t have much time. Last date to fill the form is near. They should decide as soon as possible.
The counselor is asked to call you, to take a follow up ! Special Form-Filling sesssions are arranged , etc. etc.
The students gets under stress  and purchases the application form.  They even doesn’t let the students to buy other forms so that they have limited options. Indirectly they make you do what they want you to do.
The  students are sent for  GROUP DISCUSSION and PERSONAL INTERVIEW  with there own groups.  Your mentor instructs you that your GD will be in your own group. So, give chance to others to speak.
You might have been noticed that  there was no other participant during your GD.
The GD also goes very lightly.
Do real GD happens like this????
What is this all about. Don’t you think its should not be.

At the college, the college provides snacks free of cost to the students.
Why will they not ?
After all you will pay a huge sum of money to them.
All students get a good feeling. The Personal Interview goes like if you have appeared to get admission in any school.
The questions which are asked are something like this:-
Tell me something about your self.
Tell about your father.
Name the capital of India?
Explain marketing and advertising...

Don’t you think, every thing which is going on is just for formality….
Its all like calling a Lion that can hunt, that can rule,  in the cage by showing him a piece of meat.

My friends, please be careful if your mentor is motivating you to take admission in a particular college. You know that, he is helping you. Because you have been told like that. Because you trust them. You trust them  but they ruin your faith.

My friends, we can change the entire system. We can save that money which is yours.
We just need to be united.

Thank you.



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