January 27, 2011

One Should Wait for Next Attempt or Not ??

"Should I wait for next attempt or get admission in any so called good college with the score I have?"

Its a major question which makes students confused after getting poor result in CAT/MAT/XAT or other MBA entrance tests. If we say about the views of students, a majority thinks about getting admission in any so called good college but if we say about views of experts, they suggest giving one more chance. Why???
It has been observed that maximum students get admission in any so called good college due to two reasons -
1). Mentors at coaching institute suggest the students to do so{ to get admission in the colleges suggested by them}. You know the reality; we don’t feel that we need to explain.
2). Students think about saving one year. They feel; who will wait for next year, let's get admission where ever we get.

As, it has been said above that we don’t feel that it needs to explain first point. {If you are new visitor, please read the previous posts to know the reason.}.
 Now let’s move to next point. A majority thinks to get admission only because they want to save time. They think that they cannot wait for next year. Better to get degree and start career. We don’t say you are wrong but please think in this way:-
You have to give equal time for MBA either you go for any average college or any Top ranking college. Now the problem is that you are not going to get admission this year. So if you get admission this year in any so called good college then let’s check what you give and what you receive....
 For any so called good college you need to pay a fee of Rs.7,00,000 + 2 years{almost} + Your efforts = Average Placement of Rs.2.5lac to Rs.3 lac{ highest Rs.7 lac} with some promotional opportunities.
Now if you decide to wait for next chance with a promise that you will score well and get admission in Top ranking colleges then let’s check what you give and what you receive..
Lets take the highest fee you need to pay i.e. Rs.11,00,000{IIM-A}+ 18 months{almost} + your efforts = Average placement of Rs.14.94 lac { 1.5 crore highest} with a lot of promotional opportunities and a much better career.

Before any decision you need to ask this question to yourself:-
Do you really want to be an MBA? Why?
Then decide what you want to do.
There are so many other things to discuss. Wait for next post.

Thank you.



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