January 1, 2011

Things to do Before Starting Your Life in Your B-school

The moment you receive the final selection letter or admission offer from B-School, your family members and friends are as excited as you are and you start partying and celebrating this happiness. You do go out shopping for essentials for the next two years at the hostel and then- wait for the D-day to join the college or board your train or flight to reach the campus(if the B-School is not in the home town/city).
We don’t say it’s wrong or you should not do it or anything like that, but one question that should be answered – “ Is there anything to do from now till the date of my journey that can have a positive impact at least on my first semester, if not the next two years!!”
Don’t you think it’s an important question to address?
Yes, indeed.
Dear friends, you have invested a huge amount and now are going to spent 2 years. Your whole career and life depends on these two years and the efforts made by you during these two years. We are very keen that you gain maximum from your two years at B-School. Having met over hundreds of MBA aspirants and MBA students in various B-schools for our research and surveys to put actual figure and real scene before you, we have listed a few things for a former MBA Student to work upon –

An Introspective Write-up: What I want to be?
You should be able to first figure out what you really want to do in life. I suggest you spend some time to introspect about this question:-
‘What I would be remembered for when I leave this world?’

A few questions to help you start off –
1. What do you really enjoy doing? Which industry or company will benefit maximum from your passion.
2. Once you short list the company / industry, start reading about them through various available data and feature sources.
3. Are there any personalities you admire and why? Is there and values they espouse or abilities that they have that you want to inculcate? Work on them consciously.
Once you are able to write this note for yourself, I am sure you will get to know what you need to do from now on to achieve your ultimate goals, and how you would like to make maximum of your next two years at the B-School of your choice. Put all these in a note for yourself. I hope this will be a great exercise for your journey.

Working on General Awareness and Communication Skills:-
It is very important to work on your ability to think, organize and articulate your thoughts. Whether you are already good at it or you feel challenged, we suggest you to work on it and believe me, you need it. It needs a constant effort from each one of us every day. Please read a good newspaper – The Hindu / Indian Express every day, especially the features and editorial pages.
The direct links of some good newspapers are:-

It is important that you don't get lost in the web of information.
Keep restraint on what you are doing, by periodically asking yourself,
"Why am I doing it?”
Listen to 9pm news on DD and Day’s round up on one of the business channels every evening. You can also catch up latest business news from one of the business dailies. Study the graphs and data to understand the situation depicted.
Make sure you write an article every day – create a blog to express yourself. Alternatively, take a topic and speak in front of the mirror while recording it using a Dictaphone or a tape recorder. Play it to listen and introspect – where you got stuck and why? How can you overcome the shortcomings? Take action to be better.

Basics: Work on it before classes
During your classes you will not get enough time to work on your basics. So you need to work on it. Three subjects that form the core for any business education and thereby your performance during the MBA program are – quantitative ability or statistics, economics and accounting; we strongly urge you to pick a basic book on these to familiarize yourself even before you reach your campus for the first term. The best place to start is CBSE Class XI and XII books.
Many of you may have a problem with not being a student with commerce background. In this case it will help you. You can go for help to your friends or relatives who have commerce background.

Few words before winding up:-
Kindly be hungry for learning, devour journals and books, magazines; do not hesitate to interact with professors beyond your class requirements, plunge into all activities that are happening around you, take additional responsibilities on the campus that can build your personality.
We are sure that you have got enough ideas to build upon what we have stated here that can be invaluable for your journey ahead.
Wishing you the very best. Enjoy your B-school life.
 MBA Informer


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