February 16, 2011

How B-Schools Trap MBA Aspirants

Attractive Campus,  air conditioned classrooms, audi halls, free laptops, 100% placements , scholarships,   hostel facility and many more.  The B-schools of India use all marketing strategies to attract students to take admission. Well, I will praise them, because they are live example to learn marketing in such a competitive environment. Due to the excessive usage of these so called 'unique selling propositions', these terms have become irrelevant, and are no longer used by aspirants when they are picking a B-School from where they decide to get admission for there MBA.
These B-Schools make candidates nothing more than another brick in wall. So, lets through the major marketing tactics, these B-schools use to attract MBA aspirants. Have  a look :-

Free laptops:  Dear aspirants,  If you're paying a fees of Rs 6 lakhs per year for a PGDM/MBA degree, then getting a free laptop worth Rs 20,000 is not a big deal. Is it??

Student exchange programmes:  Many B-schools claim for tie-ups with foreign colleges and promise students about student exchange programmes as they have tie-ups with foreign institutes. But does it really help? Would it give some weightage to your resume? Ask this question to yourself, because the duration is only of 2 months or 6 months. It gets one to adapt new environment.

Fully Wi-Fi Equipped and  Air-conditioned campus:  Is it the campus, that makes the quality of the students. Is it the campus that ensures that the environment of college is good. No, its not. With such advertisements of infrastructure and air conditioned classrooms, B-schools do nothing but try to lure students. Ask yourself,  does it really matter?

 100% Guaranteed Placements:  How is it possible for a private B-School, if the best B-schools of India can't guarantee 100% placements. Isn't it just a day dreaming? Also, some industry insiders say that some colleges pay money to recruit their students on the condition that they can fire him out after a certain period of time. Soon you will get a detailed report on it. So, you must talk to the seniors and do a thorough background check up to find about the institute and its actual placements.

 Rankings: Ranking, the best marketing stunt is one of the best ways to trap students. With so many ranking bodies and publications taking out their own rankings list, it is not a surprise that many B-school top the rankings in either of the lists.

 Visiting faculty: Boasting of visiting faculty means the institute does not have its own full-time, permanent faculty. By relying on visiting faculty, as per experts, the B School is only trying to save costs.

 Hostel and canteen facilities: There is nothing unique about hostel and canteen facilities in the campus.

 Scholarships and Discount Offers:  Providing an opportunity to win scholarship or giving a discount on  fees by some institutes can definitely lure students till an extent. But it clearly indicates that these B-schools treat education as a commodity which can be bargained easily. Moreover these scholarships they offer are already added to the tuition  fee of candidate.

 AICTE or UGC Approved:  Dear aspirants, you must know that, the approval from these regulatory bodies is not enough to ensure if the institute is good or worst. So, please check the history of the college in the market. Because, those high-quality, AICTE-approved B-schools are the ones that have been around for long and no doubt will flourish despite or without AICTE approvals.

 Syllabus: Many B-schools boast of an international curriculum which they claim to be in lines of Harvard, Stanford or Wharton etc,. But the truth is that no institute can copy the curriculum of these universities.   



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