February 7, 2011

Institute planning road shows ? Why should you be a free artist ?

Dear friends, what if you come to know that your Institute is planning to organize road shows?
What if you come to know that you will be performing in those road shows as an artist, for the promotion of your coaching institute?
What if you come to know that, your coaching institute will cheat you by saying that road show is for the personality development of students.

Yes, recently MBA INFORMER team came to know about the promotional activities of some institutes.
We were shocked to see how the mentors at the institutes were making fool of students by saying, if you want to improve your personality, participate in the road shows, street plays and dramas which will be organized by the institute. What happens really is that, the mentors over there make the student so excited for these activities by their beautiful words. They produce a “feel good factor” in the student.
But the reality is that in the form of road shows and street plays, these institutes are planning to use the students as free artists, and advertising tools.
The institutes organize such activities by saying that, it’s a social activity. It will help to develop and change the society but think is not it totally an advertising campaign. The audience will be told again and again that this play is being organized by the XYZ coaching institute. It’s for development of students. Now put yourself as audience and think, at this moment you will be motivated to join that particular institute or not.
These institutes also make the students agree to write an application to participate in these street plays.
Very cunningly the institutes motivate the students to come to the center on a particular day so that they can participate in those road shows.
After making a little bit more enquiry we came to know that, the institute asks the student about the particular time when he could come to center to participate. This question is asked at the time of ENROLLING the student for admission. To distract the student from asking any question related to it, they also place a question related to the extra classes provided by coaching. But this question is also a tool to know that on which other day of the week the student can come to the institute.
So, on the name of PDP sessions, the institutes plan to use the students as advertising tool very easily. The students, who trust them, always think that whatever is going on is for the benefit and development of students only but the institutes misuse the trust of the students and plan to use the student as much as they can.
So, beware of these types of activities. It is not going to help you. Yes, it will certainly help the institute for free advertising, free artists and improving goodwill among students.



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