February 27, 2011

Online MBA! Is it Beneficial ?

We all are aware of the trends in overseas education these days. Each and every student aspires to pursue an MBA from abroad whether online or regular. If they cannot afford a regular MBA or due to other reasons  like family, work or any other reason they wish to pursue MBA 'Online' or popularly called Distance Learning MBAs. It is also termed as e-learning  MBA or 'fast track MBAs'.
The major benefit of pursuing an Online Degree is its flexibility, and convenient access from anywhere in the world. For this you just need an internet connection. Online MBA programs can be defined as courses that are taught solely online, without visiting the school. While Distance learning MBA programs are hybrid courses, where the predominant mode of study is online, but the student will be expected to attend some campus based lectures, such as a residential course during over a long weekend.
With so many different studying options available, and with very few students who have done an online MBA to share experience as a result of the online MBA's relative infancy, how does a potential MBA student decide which online MBA course is the right choice?
 For this You are suggested to check out the Business Schools that are already accredited after operating MBA programs on campus for years. No matter which MBA platform you chose, you will be earning the same qualification. All of the Business Schools involve the same curriculum which includes a strong foundation in accounting, management, finance, marketing and supply chain.
You should also check out the accreditation body of the B-School you are considering for an online MBA. The accreditation of B-School becomes an important factor for recruiters or companies at the time of placement. Most of these B-schools really do appear to be more concerned with making money than educating their students, that’s why you need to be more careful while selecting a B-School for your MBA education.  Any XYZ  organization with a name like a B-School and calling itself a B-School, doesn't necessarily mean that they are genuinely interested in providing education to there students. That’s why accreditation becomes important and you need to be extra careful while taking decisions about your college.
One obvious drawback to any MBA program taught exclusively online is the lack of development of a team working abilities, face-to-face interaction with fellow students, leadership skills etc. Kelley Business School (KBS) claims that their online lectures are very interactive but yes in a different way. Students from different countries are online at the same time and they work on projects together which enhances team work skills as well.
Recruiters these days have started valuing applicants who study Online or Distance Learning MBA for the main and simple reason that most of the applicants have either years of work experience already or they are working that is why they opted for an online study option. On the hand, students who are fresher from regular campus / MBA programs can only claim to work hard.
But again it is a fact that nothing can replace a regular classroom program. The online students do not often log in for discussions, chat sessions, team meetings etc. They do not complete their class assignments on time / before the given deadline. Also, please note that if you need to be at a class at a certain time to motivate yourself to keep up with your studies, an online program is not for you. Recruiters prefer students with a regular degree programs along with some relevant work experience. Therefore, it is always beneficial to first gain some relevant work experience in your home country, score well in GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS and get admission in a reputed B-School and then the world will be at your feet!
You can leave your queries below and we shall be more than happy to answer them!
Best wishes for  your career!



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