February 25, 2011

Think Before You Go With Your Decisions for a B-Schools

Dear friends
We came to know that various students, who have calls from various MBA/PGDM colleges are now confused that where should they get admission. We will not suggest you any particular college here. We can help you in selecting the best college from your option. We can tell you some ways, which can help you in eliminating the colleges that don't seem the best option or selection. There is not any particular parameter to measure the quality of any B-School. Still there are some ways.
If there are not so many people applying for the college, then be careful. You need to think about it, The College may say that it is due to its higher cut-off, but you need to check it. There are many newer and relatively unknown institutes that may contact you saying that you’ve been shortlisted for the GD/Interview stage – this despite the fact that you may never even have applied to the school. It is nothing more than a marketing tactic used by B-schools. It is just a way to feel the seats.
You need to take a look at all the people who get final offers for admission. You need to check the selection process from GD/PI. If at the GD of 10 candidates, 5 did not speak at all and the judges are asking each and every one of those candidates to speak and present their thoughts and views. Despite this, all 10 of them seem to have received final offers of admission from that college then it indicates that you must at least reconsider your decision once again.
One more point, if the panel “encourages” you to “consider” a certain particular branch repeatedly and suggests that admission in that branch is almost certain. Beware! It is because that course is "bakwass" and no one is ready to go for it.
Schools that encourage to “donate” to the trust that runs it, or to contribute to the “expansion efforts” of the school by suggesting that such an act of philanthropy will “brighten your chances” of securing admission, politely decline and withdraw your application.
With integrity being the watchword of the day, it is important that the “guru” walk the talk. One of the most important things to look at perhaps is how close to reality the claims of the B-School are. Most exaggerated are claims relating to infrastructure and placements.
A number of schools make hugely exaggerated claims regarding the companies that visit them for placement. If you find that most of the companies mentioned in the list have only “selected” trainees for free, then the B-School’s placement record and integrity are both suspect. You probably should not join such a B-School.
It might be a good idea to visit the B-Schools, which have made offers of final admission and verify that all that they claim actually exists! After all, the next two years can make or break your life.
Another area that is successfully exploited by many B-Schools for “window dressing” of the brochures is the Board of Directors. Please remember that the constitution of the board has nothing to do with the way a school is administered. A certain school, for example, has some very senior people from some of the top companies of this country the board. Not a single one of those firms has ever recruited from the school!
It is important to remember that the points listed above are only inductors. Please double and triple check your information before parting with your hard-earned money. Be patient; do not fall for the glitter. Do keep in mind that only around half of the (approximately) 2000 B-Schools in the country are recognized, and even out of that number, many do not manage to place a large majority of the students studying over there.



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