March 31, 2011

CAT Format to Change to Bring More Diverse Students

Hoping to have a more diverse students profile in terms of academic background and genders, IIM directors have called for a change in the Common Admission Test (CAT) format.
The directors of IIM, Calcutta, Bangalore, Indore and Ranchi noted that there had been a larger presence of engineering students in the institutions, and girls constituted only 10 per cent of the students.
Holding the admission process responsible for a huge intake of engineering students in IIMs, IIM- Lucknow Director Devi Singh told Business Standard, “We feel we need to change the way CAT is conducted. Despite efforts to get students from other backgrounds, the number of engineering students has actually increased.”
The reason for high entry of engineering students into the IIMs is because the CAT gives emphasis on quantitative aptitude.
IIM directors also expressed concern over the quantitative bias in the CAT.
Observing that in other B-school girls account for 40% of student population, IIM-C Director Shekhar Chaudhuri , said, “It has been found that on an average girls account for only 10 per cent of the students studying in IIMs. He also said that the discussions are on to bring about changes in CAT format so that there is a diverse student pool. However, they are not sure when these changes will get implemented.
Directors of prestigious IIMs were speaking at a discussion programme on the occasion of the golden jubilee celebration of IIM Calcutta (IIM-C) recently.


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