March 23, 2011

Preparing For Verbal Ability 2011 ? Read It

For the CAT 2011 exam takers Verbal Ability will happen to be the section where they will encounter major challenges. If you have started your preparation for CAT 2011, or are planning to start it sometime soon, then you should be well aware of the trends in the VA section in CAT exam. If you have already identified that Verbal Ability is the section that you need to work on more, then this article is a must read for you.

The possible question line for the Verbal Ability section contains topics like Synonyms, Antonyms, Error Correction, Jumbled Sentences, etc. The basic needs to solve these questions are Vocabulary. A strong vocabulary can help the aspirants to score high in this section. Apart from that, good understanding of grammar and English usage is also necessary.

CAT 2010
CAT 2010 consisted of a total of 60 questions from which the Verbal Ability section had a part of 20 questions. The pattern remained similar to CAT 2009. Verbal Ability section included questions which are generally a part of the section each year. The questions were asked from areas like Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Para jumbles, Para completion, Vocabulary, etc. Verbal questions varied from moderate to high level of difficulty. The main focus was again on the application of language skills. Some questions remained to be tricky and difficult. The overall difficulty level for the section remained to be moderate.

CAT 2009
CAT 2009 had 20 questions from the Verbal Ability section out of total 60 questions. CAT 2009 advanced from paper pencil mode to online mode from this year. The questions were mainly from the conventional areas such as Reading Comprehension, Sentence Rearrangement, Sentence Correction, Sentence Completion and Critical Reasoning. The difficulty level of the section in this year was moderate.

CAT 2008
CAT 2008 paper consisted of highest number of questions ever asked in this section, with a record of 40 questions present in the section out of a total number of 90 questions. The increased number of questions in the section proved the importance of English language in the CAT exam paper. The number of Reading Comprehension passages was same as last year, four. There were 20 questions from the Reading Comprehension section only. The section covered the topics of Verbal Logic, Vocabulary and Grammar. The Vocabulary and Sentence Correction part was again tricky, same as the last year. In English Usage area the questions based on Fact, Inference and Judgement and Para Jumble were missing. Fill in the Blanks, variety of Sentence Correction questions and Vocabulary based usage were major component of this section. The section was of moderate to difficult level of difficulty.

CAT 2007
In the year 2007, there were 25 questions out of 75 questions. The number of CAT Reading Comprehension passages was four. The Reading Comprehension passages were long and difficult to understand and the five choices of the questions given were close to each other.

The grammar questions too were very difficult for the CAT takers. Questions on grammar and Paragraph completion too were tricky with close choices. Only the questions on Para Jumbles words and phrases brought respite to the CAT takers in the Verbal Ability section. Overall the section was considered to be a difficult one and gave a tough time to CAT takers.

CAT 2006
There were a total of 25 questions out of a total number of 75 questions in the Verbal Ability section of CAT 2006 exam. The section included questions on Facts, Inferences and Judgement. The Reading Comprehension passages were difficult to comprehend apart from one. The difficulty level of the section was considered to be tough.

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