March 15, 2011

Specialist visits....the Reality --

Dear friends,
Till now whatever happened was before you. Its another matter that the whole scenario was different. Till now, whatever money you paid, you had knowledge of it.

Now you will come to know that, how you becomes a bearer cheque for the director of your coaching institute.
 Actually you were a bearer cheque for them from the time you had joined the institute, it's the time to cash it. At the final stage, those who have appeared in tests have noticed that those colleges which stands nowhere according to your counselors has now become the best one.
Those who are planning to appear this year, you will notice it soon.

Do you know why????
Because, the institute is selling the admission forms of those colleges.
You are true, but the real truth is much shocking, it is hard to believe, but it is true.

So, what is it????

Before we move ahead, please go through the following questions:
Have some colleges visited your coaching institute to promote themselves?
"Have you attended the presentations given by colleges for promotion at your coaching center?"
"Have you ever noticed that, your coaching institute has become a little bit pushy to you?"
"Did you feel that, you are being forced directly or indirectly to get admission in a particular local B-school?"
"Did you notice that, the application forms of these colleges are being sold by the institute?"
"Have you ever been sent for GD and PI with your own group?"

You will ask," why these questions??"
Because the answer of each question will tell you that how your institute is selling you at each and every stage.

Have you ever put these questions before your mentors or counselors??
Your answer might be--
"No, why should I?
There is no need of it. It’s all for helping students to select best college for us. Our coaching institute has told the same."
They are making money only. They are just using you as sellable goods, where the sellers are the coaching institutes and the buyers are the colleges.
The best part is that you pay money, a huge sum of money happily for being sold.
Isn't it shocking??

Have your coaching institute ever told you that, some professional have been called to guide you and help you?
Does it happen that in the class those professionals give you some GD tips some other information and motivate you to take admission in a particular B-School from which he is too.
Do you know that these so called professionals are marketers of colleges.
Do you know that by attending these classes or seminars you are helping your coaching institute financially.
You have been noticed that you are forced or motivated directly or indirectly by your coaching institute to attend the class. They tell you that they are helping you but no, it's not. It's for making some more money.
Do you know that for serving you as audience before these so called professionals institute charges money on per student basis. The money ranges between Rs.300-Rs.400 per student, who is attending seminar. This money is paid at the same time.

Do you know why the coaching institutes sale the forms??
Do you know why you get admission forms at your coaching institutes at low price??

We have already told you that for each form the institute is entitled for a financial benefit of Rs.500-700.
A part of this money is deducted as discount.

You will say--
So what?
We are getting at low price. They are earning profit but we are in profit too."

It’s not only for nominal profit. This discount leads to a huge profit of Rs.50,000 {average} and this huge sum of money is paid by you.

Have you ever noticed that the application form you purchase carries seal(stamp) with the name of coaching institute on it??
This seal is the way to be recognized by the college, you are from a particular institute.

Any coaching institute which is selling the forms goes in a contract with that particular college.
The contract which is signed is all about the commission which will be paid to the institute for each student who gets admission there.

You will come to know about the whole process in detail in next blog.
So, get prepared for it.
The MBA Informer team is thankful to all the readers and request you to pass this information among all the MBA aspirants.

Thank You


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