April 11, 2011

Better to Be Employable Rather Than Best Candidate Academically - Dr. Viviek Sane

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune, established in 1978, being led by its Director Dr. Vivek Sane. Dr. Sane, who took up the responsibility of the Director of the institute last year, aims to make the institute internationally acclaimed.
It is a part of the Symbiosis International University. This B-school is in its 32nd year of service to the student community. It remains the flagship brand of Symbiosis and is recognized as one of the leading B-schools in India.
In an interview Dr. Vivek Sane shared his views about the developments at SIBM Pune for the students and the status of MBA admissions of 2011-13 batch. He also shared his opinion about some of the key facts about MBA education.
Dr. Vivek Sane has more than 30 years of teaching experience. He has completed his doctoral studies in Management. He has conducted corporate training programs for many well known companies and developed study material for the same. He has been credited with developing new concepts such as Corporate Masking.

Here are the excerpts of the exclusive interview:

Question: SIBM is a reputed institute in management education domain. What are the specific areas which you think needs to be further improved and changed for better?
Answer:  Pune is a leading hub of education in India. The city is popularly named as the Oxford of the East! The city has several MBA Institutes. Though, this is a positive development for MBA education in India, but at the same time it is posing a big challenge to SIBM Pune in terms of differentiating with other MBA institutes.
The specific areas we have shortlisted for improvement are in terms of Domain Test for Specialization, Online Business Awareness Test and Outdoor Training Programs.

Question: As the Director of SIBM Pune, what are your plans for the development of the renowned institute?
Answer: I want SIBM Pune to be recognized as an international institute with excellence in academics. My major plan for SIBM Pune is to deliver student centric management education and to offer maximum exposure to the students in terms of corporate and social interface.

Question: Coming to the Admissions 2011-13, what is the present status of the admission process at SIBM Pune? When will be the final merit list be declared and when will the session for new admissions start?
Answer: The admission process for 2011-13 batch has been completed and new seats are being filled only against cancellation.  Our academic session will start on June 6, 2011 and induction booklet will be issued to the students in the third week of April 2011. The purpose of this Induction Booklet 2011 is to bring students with varying backgrounds at par or at a basic level of knowledge on common subjects of the MBA program.

Question: What are the highlights of the 2011-13 batch admissions? Has there been any change or development in the curriculum or programs for this batch?
Answer: SIBM Pune always strives to keep the curriculum updated so that the students are always at par with the needs and demands of the industry and the society as a whole. The major highlights of 2011-13 batch are: updated academic curriculum, more thrust on Case Studies and special GD session based on specialization.

Question: How much beneficial is it for the working professionals to get an MBA degree? Is Distance MBA a good option for them?
Answer: Working professionals must look at cost factors and several other aspects while opting for a MBA course. These factors are: cost of leaving the job, adjusting family priorities and return of investments after completing the two years of MBA.
It is a combination of commercial and personal decision. 25 to 30 years is the right age group to move out of industry and complete MBA. Distance MBA can work as additional qualification and cannot be main stream qualification for a new career.

Question: What is the importance of the location of a B-School? Should an MBA aspirant consider location as an important factor while choosing the B-School?
Answer: Location of B-School will matter if it is a residential campus otherwise MBA schools around Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida and Bangalore will always bring in more recruiters. These are the hubs of the industry and hence it is always an added advantage to pursue MBA in such locations which will offer you the proximity to the industry and also give you the requisite exposure.

Question: What is your advice to MBA aspirants looking for admissions at various B-schools this year? Why does it make sense to an aspirant to pursue MBA? What benefits can they draw?
Answer:  My advice to the MBA aspirants is that you must be determinant with specific reference to getting into a good quality MBA institutes in India and not to settle for a lesser known institute.
The appeal of an MBA from a good B-School is ever lasting. MBA is a preferred degree for fresher’s as they start their career at a much higher level, as well as for experienced students as it helps them to change their career path from technology ladder to a techno manager ladder.

Question: What is your message to the MBA aspirants?
Answer: For those who will be joining in 2011, my important message is get ready for hard work. MBA is not an easy degree to get.  Become a desirable and employable candidate rather than best candidate academically.


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