April 5, 2011

CAT 2011: Strategy For Quantitative Ability-Maintain speed & accuracy

Quantitative Ability  Section of CAT exam is such, where accuracy is very important. To attain the appropriate accuracy level and score well in CAT test, you must take a couple of speed math tests every day. As you are targeting for CAT 2010 so you must pay extra attention to the following topics:-
Basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry. 
Accuracy is very important factor for scoring high in CAT 2010. Even though you apply the right method to solve a problem, if you are not accurate enough or commit even a simple mistake, you will have to face negative marking, resulting in low percentile. This article will tell you how you can maintain your accuracy without compromising on the speed. Here we go:-

Practice, it’s the Keyword: Practice is the best tool which can help you to score well. It’s the keyword of success here. Practicing questions helps you to identify your mistakes and analysis with the help of a mentor or your group member will help you realize the type of it. It will help you pay extra attention to it and rectify it. If it is a conceptual ambiguity, please go back to your basics. But if it is a silly mistake then you should practice more of the similar kind of problem and make your calculations more accurate. You need to minimize your areas of weakness by consistent practice.

Identifying the problem areas: You need to identify the problems you are facing while solving the questions in the Quantitative Ability area. Check , if the lack of accuracy takes place in all the topics or on one particular topic. If it is for all topics, then this might be due to your concentration problem. But if this problem pertains in some particular topics, then you should focus on solving that particular topic more.

Be careful while selecting questions: If your problem in accuracy lies in some particular topic/topics, then you should solve more questions from those topics. But while writing CAT 2010, you shall go for the topics you are more comfortable and accurate in. In the exam first solve the questions that you are comfortable with and are faster at solving. However, you should be competent enough to attempt questions from all the topics to get the required percentile in the Quantitative Ability section of CAT 2010. Ideally you should attempt only 10 questions in CAT 2010 without any mistakes.

Practice all the topics to increase speed & maintain accuracy: As mentioned before, you need to cover all the topics of the Quantitative Ability. The experts suggest a time table for covering all topics of Quantitative Ability. We would recommend alternating between areas.
For eg.
Monday - Modern Math, Tuesday - Arithmetic, Wednesday - Algebra, Thursday - Geometry, Friday - take test, Saturday - analyze, Sunday - revise weak areas.
This way would ensure that you cover all the areas in the Quantitative Ability equally.
After revision practice questions of various forms from these topics or take mock tests on the same.
Taking a couple of speed math tests every day will help you a lot. Make it as important as breathing. Basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry forms a broad classification of the topics that may appear in your paper. For both the sections, number theory, ratios, speed and distance, time are important.

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