April 27, 2011

GD myths, Qualities Count, Some Interview Tips

The GD PI process at leading Maharashtra B-schools, like JBIMS, Sydenham, Welingkar will be conducted from Tuesday, May 10, 2011 to Tuesday, May 31, 2011.
It’s the beginning of the efforts of MBA Informer community. We are here to help you at each and every stage of your ROAD TO MBA. As all of you know that all the MBA aspirants has to go through a tough selection process of GD {Group Discussion}. Some Institutes also test the abilities of the candidate through Case studies.
All the institutes wish to have the best brains in their institutes. Thus for this purpose the admission processes is divided into two stages. The first stage of this process is entrance test. You have faced this stage already. Institutes conduct GD and PI(Personal Interview) in the second stage. The time period of second stage may vary. For e.g. Most of the institutes which accept CAT score only have conducted there GDs but those colleges which accept MAT score are still calling candidates for GD and PI. CET Maharastra will conduct its GD in month of MAY.

The qualities B-schools look for in candidates and the purpose of holding GD PI

GD PI is a very important aspect for selecting the students as the complete personality of the candidates is reflected through these processes. The expectations from the candidates are determined by industry expectations. These include the technical skills, decision making skills, interpersonal skills and conceptual skills.

Technical skill comes from the education. Decision making ability refers to how you take the decisions in your organization. Conceptual skill is the ability to solve and analyze complex situation and Interpersonal skills is the combined skills of communication, leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution.

Myths associated with a GD

1.  Person speaking the most scores the most: It is not important who speaks the most. What is important is whose points make more sense
2.Person starting the GD is the winner: A person might start the GD with a good point. But that does not make him the leader. He has to keep coming back with equally good points whenever possible.
3. Communication skills are very important:  Only communication skill is not enough as your points should have some substance.
3.Like starting the GD, summarizing the GD is also of great importance: Summing up does not mean that you will have to repeat what others have said. It is checked how differently you present the points from others while summing up.

Case Study GD
Case Study GDs are gaining importance over the years. Several B-schools like IIM Indore, IMI and many others conduct Case Study round of GD. In Case Study GDs, you will be given a certain situation and you have to bring out a solution of that problem or situation…

Approach for dealing with a Case Study GD should be as follows:
Identify the problem – At first you will have to understand what the problem is and exactly which is the area you need to look at. For example, if the case is about a company undergoing a loss, then you will have to review what the reason is. Is it the product or something else?
Give two to three different possibilities - On the basis of the problem, you need to come up with two to three possible solutions that you think will work for the particular situation.
Analyze – After that you need to analyze the pros and cons of the suggestions you have made. Then finalize which one is the most feasible option to approach.
Recommendations – You have to give your recommendations on the basis of the solutions made by you or the other members of the group.

Personal Interview
Some of the common questions during the interview round are on: Introduction about yourself, Why you want to pursue MBA, Your awareness about the subjects you pursued in graduation and General Awareness.
For the question on introducing yourself you should give a brief introduction about yourself. Mention your strengths and achievements, your hobbies and interests. But be careful about your tone. It should not sound over confident or under confident.
The way you carry yourself is also of utmost importance. You should dress formally and comfortably. Remember that you are appearing for an interview and all aspects of your personality will be reviewed.


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