May 14, 2011

Tips on Body Language for Personal Interview

Body language plays a major role in your group discussion and personal interview rounds. As you have read in the previous article on MBA Informer about the role of body language. Remember that, your action speaks louder than your words. So be careful before you act as it can destroy the entire game which you had almost won by utilizing your content, multiple entries and leadership skills.
In this article, we talk about the gestures which should be absolutely avoided by you:
1.   Pointing fingers: Pointing fingers generally signify talking in anger and accusing someone with your finger. It exhibits your aggression.

2.   Playing with pen or paper: Playing with pen, paper or just moving your hands shows careless attitude. Whether you remain silent or talk while playing with such objects, it will show your lack of interest.

3.    Stooping/slouching: You should sit straight while in a GD/PI. Don’t stoop or slouch or bend forward. That is an informal posture and is not at all welcomed in GD/PI rounds.

4.    Sitting with crossed arms/legs: When you sit with crossed arms/legs or both, it refers to a closed mindset and a person who is not ready to accept/listen to others’ point of views.

5.    Throwing your hand: Don’t throw your hands in such a manner that it enters your next group member’s space. Every one has their own personal space and entering that disturbs the entire group coherence.

6.    Fidget: You should not keep fidgeting or move uncomfortably in your chair.

7.     Not to be stiff: When it is advised that you should not keep fidgeting, it is also meant that you should not be absolutely stiff in your position. You should be comfortable in your posture.

8.   Scratching, pricking, rubbing: You should not engage your hands in inappropriate activities such as scratching, pricking, rubbing etc. This will again show your lack of interest in the GD/PI and too much obsession with yourself.

9.     Control your facial expressions: Control your facial expression and avoid showing your anger/disgust/frustration reflect on your face. Also don’t smirk, smile or laugh unnecessarily. Don’t make it too stoic.

10.   Moving your legs: Moving legs refer to impatience. If you keep moving your legs, you will communicate that you want to get rid of the GD/PI process. Even if you feel that way, you should control your movements and body language to make yourself appear enthusiastic in the B-School admission process. 


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