July 20, 2011

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills for CAT 2011

Verbal Ability Section of CAT test is mainly divided into three sections, reading comprehension, verbal reasoning and grammar and vocabulary. These areas, reading comprehension often causes an obstacle, since it involves reading passages and then answer comprehension questions. In this article, we will provide strategies to overcome the difficulties as suggested by the experts.

There are several difficulties they may face when dealing with questions on reading comprehension. To do this, we will offer strategies for the preparation of MBA you must follow to succeed in this section often feared!

Strategies, as told by the experts are:

Read a lot: Reading helps as you get to know about many issues and increasing their knowledge in general. In order to improve its RC and VA section you need to broaden their background knowledge by reading newspapers, magazines and books. Try to discuss a topic of the paper with your parents or friends. This will help develop interest and help in understanding.

In addition to reading a lot, you need to practice speed reading is. Speed reading helps you understand the faster pace and therefore perform better in reading comprehension passages for their MBA preparations.

Go through the following points to the speed of reading ....

1. They focus in three to four main words in a sentence.
2. When you are reading speed and reduce the time it takes to read slowly.
3. Identify the main parts of the paragraph.
4. You can mark important points / words / phrases in the beginning but gradually be able to identify these unchecked.
5. During reading, the eyes move rapidly from left to right, focusing on key words.
6. After finishing an article, type the essence of that. This will help you know how much you remember that passage.

The choice of Reading Comprehension passages

Among the various passages, it is necessary to select the passages will be easier for you to respond. The factors you should consider when choosing the Reading Comprehension passages includes the theme of the passage, whether you like it or not, the patterns in question, whether direct or twisted are some important factors. The relationship between the length of the passages and the number of questions is another important factor. A long corridor with a few questions is paid few dividends in relation to time put in.

Dealing with long reading comprehension passages

Most of facing the question: How do you answer the questions of long passages of reading comprehension in a short space of time? If it is a long passage, everyone will take time. What you need to do is understand quickly, instead of reading quickly. The approach while reading should be not to read faster But to understand quickly, while the CAT.

“Trying to get more practice in reading, especially in dense reading material quickly. Learning to look at each question in the examination of first principles. You can also turn the reading of passages. When you are starting with the preparation of their reading comprehension, short passages, which have a similar style and are more or less equal length. Determine your reading speed from day one. Say, it is 150 words per minute. Read at that speed for a while, say a week or so and after that, spread over the increasing restrictions of time, say 150 words every 45 seconds, "says an expert.

Solving the reading comprehension passages in computer-based testing

Since last year, the MBA exams like CAT, NMAT and MAT have become computer. Those who are concerned about dealing with reading comprehension passages on the screen instead of paper, experts suggest ways to handle it. Experts suggest that if the practice of reading more articles and news on the computer and take notes on your rough paper (to be included in the CAT online), while reading it, you will be better. Focusing on and understanding of the passage in the reading speed, you can make a note of the important points as you read on the rough paper provided. This will help you answer questions faster and reduce the time to browse through a step each time you answer a question. You have to make full use of the highlight option presented in the CAT team base. "

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