January 23, 2012

Tips for MBA Students to Make Themselves More Employable

A simple graduation was all that it took to get employed in the 80’s.With growing competition and the rise for skilled talent, that bar was raised to an engineering degree in the 90’s.

Until recently, it was the MBA that was doing the popularity rounds. But with the dawn of the new millennium, even the reputed MBA (with exceptions of those from the pedigreed institutions) seems to be falling short in providing employment to the fresh graduates.

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 Just getting a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree is not enough to get your dream job in modern job market. In this time when MNCs opine that 75% of MBAs are proving nothing but just another brick of wall, they are not employable, one need to have something more than just academics to prove himself unique in crowd. Since the corporate world is too competitive, demanding and dynamic, there are other skills that you should be proficient enough to secure the job of your dreams with a handsome salary. Here are some tips that experts suggest every MBA student, in order to help him/her out to make a better career.

1) Enhance Your Soft Skills – Its Important: It is very important to enhance your communication skills, presentation skills and soft skills. For those who're not confident about their soft skills, joining a finishing school to develop your personality, body language, inter-personal and social interaction skills will be beneficial.

2) Knowledge Building: You should be updated with latest trends in your field. It is important to keep on doing courses to update your knowledge. Participate in all kinds of group activities like group case studies, simulations, industry interaction programs and inter- college level academic and extra-curricular competitions to keep yourself updated.

3) Develop Corporate Awareness – It’s Necessary : An employer is not only looking for a MBA degree but also the application orientation of the student. Students in B-school study the concepts of management in their classes but hardly understand how this knowledge can be applied in real business scenario. Thus there is a gap between theory and knowledge. To be able to bag the coveted job you must understand what business is all about and how you can contribute to the growth of any organization.

4) Develop Leadership Skills: Since you will be hired at a managerial position after completing your MBA, it is very important that you're able to manage a group of people. For that you need to develop leadership skills.

5) Learn to be a Team Player: It is very important that you can work in a team, coordinate with your colleagues, communicate with them effectively and make proper adjustments.

6) Strong Network: To be a successful professional, you must be well connected and have a strong networking with people in your field. Having a good network and being active on social networking sites will be useful for you.

7) Carefully selecting internships and placements: You must select a good/ reputed company in your field for internship as it is the only opportunity where you can exhibit your skills by translating them in performance. At the same time, you learn about a particular industry, how it functions and its operations in detail. Ensure that you select an internship in the same profile or industry you intend to work in future.



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