February 28, 2012

Doing An MBA Can Be A Life Changing Experience, It Is Something Beyond The Degree

An MBA degree has been widely recognised as being vital to shaping one's career in these competitive times, taking the person to great heights on the job front and boosting one's earning capacity and profile. However, while such courses are crucial for success in a competitive job market, they can also be deeply enriching for the individual on the personal front, impacting the way he or she lives in fundamental ways.
The cut and thrust of group discussions while doing an MBA can help the individual hone leadership and personality skills - crucial for those racing up the corporate ladder. The degree can also open doors to overseas opportunities - and this means learning to hold one's own in new and unfamiliar cultural spaces.
Living abroad, or even in different Indian cities where opportunities beckon, also often means having to cope with one's own personal needs without the kind of outside help that students are often accustomed to back home; there are innumerable stories of how youngsters have learned to cook simply because they had no other choice, living elswhere!
An MBA degree also goes a long way in giving one that sense of satisfaction at being recognised as 'someone' in society; a person who has an advantage that many others do not.
More than just a Post Graduate degree course, an 'MBA' is a brand in itself that one wants to be associated with. A power-packed two-year MBA course, helps an individual to develop his career potential to the fullest. As compared to other professional courses that focus on only one stream, an MBA course from a good institute develops the overall management capabilities of an individual, while also imparting technical education.
Doing an MBA can be a "life-changing experience" for you, changing it completely for the better."The two years of MBA life can totally change you as a person with an overall improvement in my personality while also giving me a good exposure to the corporate world. It lays a strong foundation in understanding of your specialization, which will be your career path following your MBA, while also improving your soft skills and management abilities."
For K Manikkan, doing an MBA involved the thrill of following one's passion - and that offers rewards that go far beyond the actual certificate. Manikkan, who has a degree in Electronics Engineering, is working with a leading financial institution and is part of the top brass of the company. His best move, towards leading his career in the managerial line was to do an MBA from in finance from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, he says. He passed out in 1993. "This was before commencing of the IT boom and I chose to get into the management path as entry into a technical work domain was limited then, due to lack of sufficient opportunities," he explains.
Doing a MBA definitely gave a quantum push to the experience and rounding one would want for undertaking a managerial job. "Both work and pay have been rewarding in terms of quantum and trajectory, although there remains a niggling feeling that one perhaps gave up a lot of technical knowledge at the altar of commerce," he feels. "However finally it's a matter of what one is passionate about. Passion is always rewarding as a career since one can excel without effort when one is passionate and never feel inadequate or have dissonance of having made a choice," he says.
An MBA degree also provides an individual with much-needed exposure, says Astha Nautiyal - "unlike any other PG course will bring in only theoretical knowledge". Nautiyal, who completed the MBA in 2009 from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies says: "My background in Mathematics (Hons) has helped me in achieving and acquiring the quantitative aspect. A decision to pursue an MBA degree was aimed towards understanding the qualitative and managerial vision that will help shape my career." The aim was well achieved, with Nautiyal working in the aviation sector today. "The MBA degree has helped me in gaining what I wanted and also helped me in correlating the aspects," Nautiyal says.


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