February 4, 2012

Executive Post Graduate Programme in International Business - The First Sino-Indian MBA Program With Global Focus by IIM Shillong

The Executive Post Graduate Programme (PGPEx) in International Business is an intensive one year programme designed to enhance skills and capabilities essential for responsible positions at senior management  at the global level   with six month stay and internship  in China.

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Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong (IIM Shillong) announces a unique Sino-Indian International Post Graduate Programme for Executive in International Business with a Global Focus - an intensive one year post-graduate programme designed to enhance skills and capabilities essential for responsible positions for senior management at the global level.  

Salient Features:·       
  • Study Abroad for 6 months·       
  • Global Internship and Training·       
  • Foreign Language Lab (FLL) for six languages·      
  • Integrated Eastern and Western management approach through Equilibrium Thinking (ET), First Discipline (FD), Potential Performance Programming (PPP), and outdoor workshops in exotic locations in north east and south India.·      
  • Moulding global managers through Mystique Management and Mind Mapping (4Ms) principles·
  • Diploma jointly awarded by IIM Shillong and Ocean University of China (OUC), Qingdao·       
  • Program globally marketed by First Discipline Inc USA
 Distinctive Features of the Programme :-
Thought, Action and Leadership form the key drivers for the PGPEx course. This translates into distinctive features offered in this course.

Leading and Managing Global Organizations :-

Participants of this programme will develop leadership and managerial skills that are critical to effective global managers. They will also explore the impact of cultural differences on personal and organizational effectiveness by imparting the knowledge from 4Ms (Mystique Management and Mind Mapping) and FD framework.

Fusion of Western and Eastern Management Philosophies :-

The West has taught us how to organize efficiently using technological innovations like information technology and biotechnology in a market economy. The east however advocates a holistic approach with respect to human happiness through a balanced view of environmental protection and distribution of purchasing power to avoid the disaster implied in the Western model. We should certainly work towards higher standards of living with a drastic reduction of people living below the poverty line. But at the same time we may not strive to catch up worth the standard of living in Europe of America since that is unlikely to be sustainable due to environmental degradation. By following this principle, participants of PGPEx will learn to align operations strategy with overall business strategy, with emphasis on process analysis and supply chain management. They will learn concepts and tools needed to design, plan, drive and control service and manufacturing operations in a global economy during the course of the study while undertaking projects in the enabling company.

Innovative Content :

Adding a few global courses to an existing MBA curriculum isn’t enough to establish leadership in global business education. That’s why we designed PGPEx from scratch, with equal input from Indian and Chinese management with global outlook under Asian management philosophy. The PGPEx curriculum incorporates best business practices and issues affecting each world region with focus on India and China. No culture or perspective dominates, which provides the participants with a broad and balanced worldview.  Each participant will learn to analyze problems, think strategically, and build great organizations. Plus, they will develop leadership skills, with emphasis on working with multicultural global teams.

Focus on Emerging Markets:-

Emerging markets are at the core of the PGPEx, with intensive study and analysis of the context of a country achieved through experiential study tours in the BRICS countries. This is based on the conviction that growth in the future will come from the emerging economies, which require special focus and understanding.

Access to IIM Shillong Resources:-

The advantage of doing a course at IIM Shillong lies in having access all the e-resources of the Institute including knowledge management center and virtual lab.


With diversity as a stated objective, the composition of the PGPEx batch will ensure a group of participants with wide-ranging skills, backgrounds, global exposures and international project experiences, such that learning  through global  peer group exchange and knowledge sharing is likely to be  one of the most beneficial aspects of this programme.

Global by Design:

Core courses were designed by key faculty members from Sino Indian business schools. They worked together to incorporate perspectives and best practices from region in the EMEs. Participants of PGPEx will learn to analyze problems, think strategically, and build global organizations. Plus, they will develop teaming skills and cultural awareness required for global career success.


I) In India (Duration: 6 months) : (all courses will be offered under Sustainable management platform)
  • Global Business Management and Strategy
  • Global Operation and Supply Chain Management
  • Global Leadership and Change Management
  • Global Marketing Management and Research
  • Global Accounting and Finance Management

II) Foundation courses
  • Basic course in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Thai (Foreign language Lab ( FLL) : only Six languages will be offered under major and minor language platform)
  • Basic course in First Discipline (FD) with Potential Performance Programming (PPP), Equilibrium Thinking(ET) and Sustainable Global Leadership (SGL) outdoor workshops in exotic locations in NE and South India
  • Basic course in Global Corporate and Social Etiquette (GCSE).

III) In China (Fushan campus-residential: duration: 6 months)

Stage-1:  Foundation Courses: Chinese culture, basic Chinese, Taiji

Stage 2:-

  • Business internship and case study
  • Chinese businesses and foreign invested business in China.
Programme Eligibility:-

The participants who desire to opt this course must have work experience of 3 years in the executive position with a bachelor degree.
Admission is through Interview (Preliminary and Main) Maximum intake is limited to 45.
All participants should submit the application form electronically and must provide the acknowledgement slip at the time of interview.
All original education and experience certificate with a set of self-attested Xerox copy and two color PP size photographs of the candidate must be submitted to at the time of Interview.

Programme Duration

The programme is designed for a period of  12 months  which will be spread across  6 months in Indian and China . First 6 months will be in India and the next 6 months in China (Fushan campus).

Programme Fee

INR 12 lakh or USD 25,000
This fee includes tuition fee and accommodation in India and China only.  The candidate has to bear the cost of food, Visa fee, Entry fee and  Air/Surface  travel connected with this program. The cost of such heads of expenditure is expected to be in the range of  INR 2 to 5 lakhs or  USD 4,000 to 10,000.

Important Dates -

Last date of Receiving the e-form: February 29, 2012 at 5pm

Date and Place of interview:
  • Bangalore - March 05-06 , 2012
  • Mumbai - March 08-09, 2012
  • Kolkata and Delhi - March 05 - 06, 2012
Publication of Final list of selected candidates for the programme   : On or before March12, 2012

First Acceptance of the admission offer  :  March  15, 2012
Second   Acceptance of the admission offer  : March 26, 2012
Third  Acceptance of the admission offer  :   March 30 , 2012

Acceptance fee:  INR  One lakh or USD 10,000/-

To enhance the diversity and learning experience, the programme aims to enroll through reservation upto 50% overseas candidates.

For overseas candidates the option of physical/virtual interview will be made available– the procedure(s) will be intimated in due course of time.

The online application link will be made available from 00 hrs of 15th February 2012 to 1700 hrs of 29th February 2012.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply well ahead of the due date. The Institute will not be responsible for any technical glitches that may occur during last minute application.

For further information visit http://www.iimshillong.in/pgpex

Source - www.iimshillong.in
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  1. Thanks For sharing such a Good information sharing it.Many MBA courses is Two year.Executive MBA international business is only one year program.

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