February 28, 2012

The Global Language, MBA Program- An Exciting Combination Of Specialisation And Professionalism

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever field you may have chosen to specialise in, there is no doubt that the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree gives you a special advantage. The MBA designation, which originated in the United States as the country industrialised in the 19th century, offers a scientific approach to management. 

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An MBA degree provides certain tools and skills to identify new opportunities for organisational success. Sound communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to analyse and strategise, leadership skills and professionalism towards work are some of the many benefits of doing an MBA course.

MBA today has become a minimum basic requirement because it not only develops the personality of an individual but also gives it a global edge.
As businesses and firms are growing globally, corporates are stressing the need for professionalism at all levels. People with an MBA degree have a greater chance of getting recruited in these companies and moving up the ladder swiftly. 

The MBA also provides specialisation in various fields. For example you can now do an MBA in almost any stream of interest such as Real Estate, Pharma, International Business, Retail, Hospitality and Health-care, to name just a few options from a long list.

"My MBA degree gave me the opportunity to handle the international business department," says Niraj Dholakiya, Manager, International Business, Marksans Pharma Ltd, who completed his MBA in International Business. "It gave a direction to my career after graduation. Specialisation provides you with an additional edge and a perfect launch pad. The MBA degree gave me knowledge of working with international clients and how to become a professional at work."

The maximum benefits can be got from an MBA degree only if it is line with your profession, say experts. Suchitra Surve, a career counselor at Growth Centre agrees. She says, "An MBA does give an overall sense of Marketing, HR, Finance and various aspects of running a business and hence it is meant for people who want to be in the same functions. For example, a doctor can pursue an MBA in Health-care, if he wants to get into the administration section and is not keen to work in the surgical area." 
 The MBA degree allows working with a wide range of businesses in a conducive environment and opens up avenues. Increasing competition in various fields has also been a catalyst to the growing numbers of professionals from different fields, who are opting for the course. 

"There are a lot of job opportunities available in big hospitals for people with a medical and managerial background," says Rajeev Ranjan, who completed his basic dentistry course and is currently pursuing his MBA degree. Instead of getting into mainstream dentistry, now working as a health care analyst, he believes that his profession requires certain skills which can be learnt from an MBA programme. "I am the bridge between the technical and clinical person and it will really make a difference once I have completed my MBA," he explains.

Similarly, Advocate Mohammad Shine also acquired an MBA degree as he felt it would be necessary in the near future. He says, "Presently I am working in an individual firm. It doesn't matter to my clients whether I have an MBA degree or not. What makes a difference is how good I am in court, fighting cases."
Shine adds, "However, the training does help me in handling corporate cases. Further, in future if I decide to join a corporate legal department, I would also need to know how a corporate functions from within, how the different departments co-ordinate with each other, how the management charts out its business plans. The MBA degree will help me then as it gives me indepth knowledge about how a company functions."
Theoretical knowledge, hands-on experience and a personality makeover… an MBA degree provides all this and more; it is your gateway to global success

Source - TOI


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