February 27, 2012

Indian B-Schools Climbup The Rating In Global Ranking

Four Indian institutions have made it to a list of top-10 Bschools in the Asia Pacific region, in a recent survey, in a strong indication that Indian business schools have strengthened their standing among international employers. The QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2012 notes that Indian B-schools have moved up in almost all specialisations in Asia-Pacific rankings.
The report, which names 36 top business schools in the region, including 11 in Australia, points out that India has improved considerably in recent times, with six schools on the list, including four in the top 10.
The Indian B-schools that have made it to the top 10 among the Asia-Pacific region are Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (2nd), Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (5th), Indian School of Business (7th) and Indian Institute of Management Kolkata (8th). The other two business schools named include S P Jain Institute of Management and Research at 16th rank and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade which made the cut this year for the first time at 21st place.
Business schools in India are continuing to climb up the ratings, the report observes. "In an economy that is rapidly growing in global importance, the rise in employer opinion of MBA graduates is extremely promising in ensuring development of future business leaders to sustain the fast-paced economic growth," the report said. It also observes that business schools in the Asia-Pacific region are strengthening their position in the global MBA education scene. In 2004, only 10 Asian and Australian schools had been included; the number has gone up to 36 this year.

Source - TOI


  1. What exactly mean by Top B School? What is definition? Tomorrow we will come to know that it means producing top foolish graduates.......

    we have top panwala in our town.... also top sweeper in our town who clean our city streets... we also have top garbage yard in the city every corner....

    These top concept become subject of debate in India. Why ? because this Top Business has no global recognition..

    These concept of "Top" do not fit into Global Standard of Business Schools.

    Because none of these Top has ever produced any Nobel Laureates or Noble Prize Nominee forget about Nobel Prize winning ability of these so called "Top" B Schools in India.

  2. Yes by reading such kind's of articles MBA Graduates are promising and gets motivated.

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