February 29, 2012

Why Should One Go For Enterpreneurship ??

Entrepreneur - Derived from the French word “entre” which means 'to enter' and “prendre” which means 'to take'.  In a general sense, it applies to any person starting a new project. Entrepreneurs are people who accept financial risks and embark on new financial ventures. An entrepreneur should be creative, willing to make decisions in the absence of solid data, and must be willing to take risk.  A successful entrepreneur takes the time to invest in him or herself before investing in a business venture.
Entrepreneurs are business people but unlike the conventional approach adopted by a businessperson they are generally more creative and inventive. Entrepreneurs started their business from scratch and they cut their own way through to find their market and get their own brand or product launched. On the other hand, business people start a business using an existing market platform arranged by the entrepreneur.
You may be thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, however you may be too scared to start your own business.  Successful entrepreneurs have reasons for going into their entrepreneurial career. Here are top 10 reasons for becoming an entrepreneur:

1) Satisfaction
Helping other people and improving other people’s lives is quite satisfying. In fact, entrepreneurs experience much personal satisfaction through helping other people.  Often, their new venture is beneficial to others, and it meets other people’s needs through services and products offered. Touching the lives of other people gives a great feeling at the end of the day.

2) Independence
Getting to work on your own is one of the best reasons to become an entrepreneur.  Being the boss, you get to call the shots. An entrepreneur can set his own schedule; can work regular hours, or whenever he or she feels is most necessary at a given period of time.  An entrepreneur can manage their own business independently and  can have quality time with their family anytime they want.

3) Feeling of Pride
An entrepreneur’s job always accompanies sacrifices. An entrepreneur is rewarded with a feeling of pride when they give everything to succeeds.

4) Building Relationships
You can have the opportunity of meeting new people and build new relationships by becoming an entrepreneur. You will have a greater chance of meeting other people who have been in similar situations and struggling with some of the same issues, if you engage in entrepreneurship. Your circle of friends and acquaintances will grow by sharing tips and asking for advice as well as partnering with other business owners.

5) Travel
An entrepreneur can travel the world and work together with people who stimulate economies in developing nations. Traveling can increase resourcefulness and increase knowledge, as well as widen your experiences.

6) Networking
People are usually motivated of becoming an entrepreneur as it strengthens links and enhance networking. Business networking develops long-term relationships for mutual gain and creates a lasting impression with people.

7) Create Change
An entrepreneur holds the power to shape a generation and change significant principles. Change can be opportunities for personal growth, improving skills, expanding influence and making a greater difference in the lives of others, are many ways to help your business to grow.

8) Job Security
One of the reasons to become an entrepreneur is job security. If you own your business, you are the boss and you won’t get fired. Being the boss, you are responsible for the lives of many people and it motivates you to be at your best at all times.

9) Income Potential
One of the very reasons of becoming an entrepreneur is that you won’t be tied down to a certain yearly salary. You can generate your own income level when you own your own business. You can reward yourself with more money if you work hard, work smart and work longer hours. A potential income can keep you motivated to do your best.

10) Choose People to Work With
As an entrepreneur you can hire the people you wanted to work with. An entrepreneur is involved in every single hiring decision so he or she can choose to be with people who share your drive, vision, and values.
As an entrepreneur you can make your own decision.. You have the opportunity to make money doing something you like, rather than being stuck in a job your very unhappy with.  The outgoing personality of an entrepreneur helps them succeed in difficult circumstances.  Moreover, entrepreneurs who are concerned with the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their customers rather than too concerned with their earnings are destined to succeed.


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