February 28, 2012

Your Way To MBA, It Needs Just a Few Clicks To Begin

The criteria and admission process for an MBA program of various Bschools is different. Generally, admission procedures differ somewhat and not all programs require the same criteria. Moreover, these days most application forms can be submitted online too.
ormally, an MBA is offered in the following four modes: full-time, part-time, distance learning and executive. 

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However, there are certain common factors that B-schools are looking for in a candidate. “Ideally, it is always best to get your specific information from the websites of B-school itself. Usually their website will give you ample information,” says Sushil K Singh, who recently passed a B-school to join as a trainee manager in a mall, adding there are certain business prerequisites that can be part of the admission requirements.
He observes that there are a few MBA programs which require an individual to have a certain “body of knowledge” in business subjects at the initial stage. If prerequisites exist, the B-school should specify the way (or ways) to satisfy prerequisites.
As an MBA is a master's level degree, an aspirant is required to have a bachelor's degree and needs to send official transcript copies from each college attended.
Besides, a few MBA programs recommend or even require an applicant to have a certain number of years of full-time work experience. “The rule of thumb is two years for fulltime programs and much more for executive programs. You should submit a work-related resume to verify work experience requirements if applicable,” Singh says, adding that an admissions test may be required to be admitted to a particular program.
Seconds Amit Khandhuri who completed his MBA in marketing from ITM Kharghar in 2009, "I had the industrial experience of more than three years. And it helps a great deal if you have a few years of work experience when you opt for an MBA, as you already have hands-on experience, and this will help you understand the course that you are doing.”
Another attachment that would be required to add is a letter of recommendation from academic college or an organisation. Therefore, two or three letters of recommendation will be required. These recommendation letters could be from previous professors, employers, and other associates. The mode of payment option generally offers three choices: Online, Demand Draft and Installment. 

Professor M Guruprasad, who is a visiting faculty for many management institutions, has a word of advice for MBA aspirants. “It is important to understand that the student should not fall under the conventional trap of cracking an entrance examination, though it is the first of the milestones. The real test for the candidate is how s/ he develops oneself to be a successful student at BSchool and acclaimed manager in the industry. These are the qualities any good institute looks for. Hence, apart from learning the analytical, numerical and verbal skills, one needs to work on overall personality by being aware of emotional and spiritual quotient and working on it.”
Significantly, many B-Schools have started online MBA programs for working professionals, termed the EMBA program that contributes to the career development of corporate executives and professionals, preparing them for a mid-management or top management corporate career, or as a business owner. “India has seen unprecedented economic growth over the past few years. To sustain it and emerge competitive globally, India is in dire need of quality managers with values,” says Dr. N.S. Malavalli, Principal of a prominent B-school. “India needs business leaders who are creative, entrepreneurial and the ones who can drive it into new paradigms without succumbing to the euphoria. Indian Professionalism has never been put to as critical a test as in today's changing world. In this context, we perceive our program as not just a certificate program, it is an experience that should teach the student-executives the importance of time-management, workethics, commitments, leadership, team building and decision-making.”
The online MBA program is a unique platform allowing students to experience close to a physical school environment. Study material, access to faculty, circle of ‘friends’ to share experiences and access to live Twitter, a tool to aggregate RSS feeds from the Internet of interest are some of the benefits that are extended as part of the virtual MBA program. Tools like Blog, Wiki, Discussion Forums and Communities are extended to students to interact with each other on a variety of topics and in the process create a permanent knowledge repository useful for students who would be using the system in future. In fact, online degrees provide cost-effective access to education.

Source - TOI

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